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Owners Manuals

Jazzy Power Chairs
Consumer Safety Guide
Version/Date: D 04/15
Jazzy 600 Series
Version/Date: H 08/11
Jazzy 600 Series Specifications
Version/Date: A 08/11
Jazzy 610 Series
Version/Date: D 12/06
Jazzy 614 Series
Version/Date: B 09/09
Jazzy 1100
Version/Date: J 02/03
Jazzy 1101
Version/Date: G 12/04
Jazzy 1103
Version/Date: L 02/03
Jazzy 1103 Ultra
Version/Date: D 06/07
Jazzy 1105
Version/Date: H 02/03
Jazzy 1107
Version/Date: C 01/06
Jazzy 1113
Version/Date: I 02/03
Jazzy 1113 ATS
Version/Date: M 08/11
Jazzy 1115
Version/Date: H 02/03
Jazzy 1120
Version/Date: E 02/03
Jazzy 11202000
Version/Date: B 07/02
Jazzy 1121
Version/Date: H 12/05
Jazzy 1122
Version/Date: H 05/06
Jazzy 1133
Version/Date: B 03/03
Jazzy 1143
Version/Date: K 02/03
Jazzy 1143 Ultra
Version/Date: D 06/07
Jazzy 1170 XL
Version/Date: J 06/05
Jazzy 1170 XL Plus
Version/Date: G 08/11
Jazzy 1450
Version/Date: A 06/12
Jazzy Air
Version/Date: A 02/16
Jazzy Air Specifications
Version/Date: D 08/16
Jazzy Elite 14 Specifications
Version/Date: A 11/12
Jazzy Elite HD Specifications
Version/Date: B 10/12
Jazzy Elite Series
Version/Date: B 10/12
Jazzy Select 14 Series
Version/Date: G 05/09
Jazzy Select Elite
Version/Date: B 07/10
Jazzy Select Series
Version/Date: G 01/10
Jazzy Select Traveller Series
Version/Date: E 10/10
Jazzy Sport
Version/Date: B 11/12
Jazzy Sport Specifications
Version/Date: B 11/12
Jet 1 ATS
Version/Date: B 07/03
Jet 1 No ATS
Version/Date: D 07/03
Jet 2
Version/Date: F 02/03
Jet 2 HD
Version/Date: C 12/05
Jet 3
Version/Date: I 02/03
Jet 3 Ultra
Version/Date: F 02/10
Power Chair Transit Supplement
Version/Date: D 08/15
Pride LX Series
Version/Date: B 02/03
Quantum Rehab
Version/Date: E 11/15
Jazzy 1400
Version/Date: D 05/04
Jazzy 1402
Version/Date: B 08/11
Jazzy 1420
Version/Date: K 08/11
Jazzy 1470
Version/Date: C 02/04
Version/Date: A 08/13
Q4 Specifications
Version/Date: C 08/14
Q6 Edge 2.0
Version/Date: D 01/16
Q6 Edge 2.0 Specifications
Version/Date: D 04/16
Q6 Edge Series
Version/Date: E 03/14
Q6 Edge Specifications
Version/Date: A 07/10
Q6 Edge Z Specifications
Version/Date: A 09/15
Quantum 600 Series
Version/Date: J 07/11
Quantum 610
Version/Date: F 08/13
Quantum 610 Specifications
Version/Date: A 08/11
Quantum 614
Version/Date: B 09/09
Quantum 1103 Ultra
Version/Date: A 12/07
Quantum 1107
Version/Date: B 03/06
Quantum 1121
Version/Date: F 07/11
Quantum 1402
Version/Date: B 10/07
Quantum 1450
Version/Date: A 06/12
Quantum 1650
Version/Date: E 07/11
Quantum 6000 Series
Version/Date: A 03/10
Quantum 6000Z
Version/Date: C 09/15
Quantum Blast
Version/Date: F 02/03
Quantum Dynamo
Version/Date: H 06/05
Quantum Dynamo 1107
Version/Date: B 05/06
Quantum Dynamo ATS
Version/Date: E 05/03
Quantum R-4000
Version/Date: D 07/11
Quantum Rival
Version/Date: C 07/12
Quantum Rival Specifications
Version/Date: B 04/12
Quantum Vibe
Version/Date: B 06/04
ACU - Dynamic DX Attendant Control Unit
Version/Date: A 05/01
Dolphin - Dynamic Dolphin Remote
Version/Date: A 05/01
Europa - Dynamic Europa Remote
Version/Date: A 05/01
FSC - Dynamic FX Finger Steering Control
Version/Date: A 05/01
GC Controller
Version/Date: B 04/09
GC2 Controller
Version/Date: C 10/09
GC3 Controller
Version/Date: A 01/10
Lester Battery Charger
Microdrive Controller
Version/Date: A 04/04
NE Controller
Version/Date: B 08/13
NE+ Controller
Version/Date: C 09/14
NE+ Controller iLevel Product Insert
Version/Date: B 06/15
Omni Plus - Penny & Giles Omni Plus Module
Version/Date: A 05/01
Pilot - Penny & Giles Pilot Controller
Version/Date: B 09/01
Version/Date: A 10/02
Q-Controls Link Modules Setup Guide
Version/Date: A 07/03
Q-Controls Management Software
Version/Date: A 07/03
Q-Controls Plus
Version/Date: A 03/05
Q-Controls Remote Plus ECU Interface Cable
Version/Date: A 08/04
Q-Controls Universal Interface Module
Version/Date: A 06/04
Q-Logic 2 Controller
Version/Date: A 08/16
Q-Logic Controller
Version/Date: C 09/08
R-net Controller
Version/Date: B 10/14
R-Net Controller iLevel Insert
Version/Date: A 06/15
Remote Plus - Penny & Giles Remote Plus
Version/Date: C 11/06
Scanner - Dynamic DX Scanner Control
Version/Date: A 07/01
SCR - Dynamic DX Specialty Controls Remote
Version/Date: A 05/01
Version/Date: A 04/02
VR2 Contrôleur Addenda au Produit
Version/Date: B 05/16
VR2 Controller
Version/Date: G 12/16
VR2 Controller Product Insert
Version/Date: C 05/16
VSI Controller
Version/Date: B 05/09
Cantilever Lift System
Version/Date: A 11/03
Front Riggings (INFMANU3613)
Version/Date: F 04/12
Pediatric Manual Tilt Basic Instructions
Version/Date: A 02/02
Power Lift System for Quantum Power Bases Product Insert
Version/Date: A 05/16
Pride Profile Care and Installation Instructions
Version/Date: B 01/03
Specialty Seat Kit
Version/Date: A 02/03
Synergy Cushions Installation & Care
Version/Date: D 10/14
Synergy Manual Tilt
Version/Date: B 06/05
Synergy Seating System
Version/Date: O 07/16
Synergy Shape Back 2 Point, Shape Deep Contour
Version/Date: A 03/10
Synergy Shape GP
Version/Date: A 05/10
Synergy Structure Installation and Care
Version/Date: B 04/05
Synergy Tru-Balance Power Recline
Version/Date: B 04/06
Synergy Tru-Balance Power Recline and Tilt
Version/Date: B 04/06
Synergy Tru-Balance Power Tilt
Version/Date: H 10/07
TB-Flex Seat
Version/Date: A 03/16
Tru-Balance 2 Power Positioning Systems
Version/Date: C 10/08
Tru-Balance 3 Power Positioning Systems
Version/Date: A 06/16
Versa Seat
Version/Date: B 03/01
Versa Seat w/ Manual Recline
Version/Date: B 03/03
Versa Tilt Seating System
Version/Date: F 03/02
Stealth / ADI Products
2 Point PRO Mounting Hardware
Version/Date: P116D237R1
4-Point PRO Mounting Hardware
Version/Date: P116D222R1
Adjustable Comfort Plus
Version/Date: P91D273R1
All Positioning Series
Version/Date: P91D271R3
All-Round Joystick
Version/Date: P120D301R3
ARMS-ESF3GP 3G Fixed Elbow Stop
Version/Date: P91D283R3
Basic Release
Version/Date: P116D215R1
Carbon Fiber Seating
Version/Date: P116D250R1
Combo Series Headrest
Version/Date: P91D272R3
Comfort Plus Series
Version/Date: P91D282R3
Contoured Headrest
Version/Date: P91D380R1
Fixed ELITE Mounting Hardware
Version/Date: P116D224R1
GAT444-IP Gatlin Swivel Table Mount
Version/Date: P91D15R3
i-Drive Head Array
Version/Date: P91D10R3
i2i Head & Neck Positioning System
Version/Date: P91D183R2
IDCH i-Drive Control Harness
Version/Date: P132D406R1
IDCH i-Drive Control Harness Installation
Version/Date: P132D407R1
JSP Fabric Cover with Flap
Version/Date: P116D238R1
Lateral Support Bracket & Pad Installation
Version/Date: P116D239R1
Micro Joystick
Version/Date: P120D300R3
MTMD-42 Medial Thigh Support
Version/Date: P91D280R3
Multi Joystick
Version/Date: P120D303R3
Power Chin Boom
Version/Date: P120D302R3
PSIS Lumbar Support Insert
Version/Date: P116D226R1
Quick Release Mounting Hardware
Version/Date: P116D228R1
RLSHW100 Residual Limb Support
Version/Date: P91D06R2
Sideguard Template
Version/Date: P116D252R1
SUS9 Swing Away Series
Version/Date: P91D295R1D3
The World's Best Adductors
Version/Date: P91D275R3
The World's Best Laterals
Version/Date: P91D276R3
The World's Best Shoulder Retractors
Version/Date: P91D279R3
Tone Deflector
Version/Date: P91D292R3
TWBM480 Link Style Armrest Mount
Version/Date: P91D15R3
TWBM480 Swing-Away Link Style Tablet Mount
Version/Date: P91D291R2
Version/Date: P120D244R3
Ultra Headrest Series
Version/Date: P91D277R3
Width Adjustable ELITE Mounting Hardware
Version/Date: P116D251R1
Manual Wheelchairs
Kids UP - Kids Fast
Version/Date: A 08/13
Kids UP - Kids Rock 2
Version/Date: A 08/13
Kids UP - Kids Rock 3
Version/Date: A 08/13
Kids UP - Pull Pin Insert
Version/Date: A 03/12
Litestream Traverse
Version/Date: C 06/13
Litestream XF
Version/Date: K 12/14
Litestream XF Caster Sten Extensions
Version/Date: A 10/14
Litestream XF Limited
Version/Date: C 12/14
Litestream XF Limited Specifications
Version/Date: B 01/15
Litestream XF Transit Securement Kit
Version/Date: A 11/07
Stylus Manual Wheelchair
Version/Date: G 11/10
Travel Mobility
Consumer Safety Guide
Version/Date: B 10/12
Version/Date: F 06/10
Go-Chair 2016
Version/Date: A 06/16
Go-Chair 2016 Specifications
Version/Date: B 07/16
Version/Date: H 03/04
Go-Go Elite Traveller Plus Specifications
Version/Date: A 09/13
Go-Go Elite Traveller Specifications
Version/Date: A 07/13
Go-Go ES Specifications
Version/Date: A 08/13
Go-Go ES2
Version/Date: A 04/13
Go-Go ES2 Specifications
Version/Date: A 02/14
Go-Go LX w CTS Specfications
Version/Date: C 04/16
Go-Go Sport Specifications
Version/Date: A 07/13
Go-Go Travel Lift
Version/Date: C 07/07
Go-Go Ultra
Version/Date: C 01/05
Go-Go Ultra X Specifications
Version/Date: A 09/13
Introduction Page
Version/Date: C 07/13
Travel Mobility Series
Version/Date: A 06/12
Travel Scooter Series
Version/Date: E 02/16
Version/Date: D 06/01
Celebrity 2000
Version/Date: G 03/03
Celebrity DX Sport
Version/Date: B 02/12
Celebrity LR
Version/Date: A 02/12
Celebrity LR Specifications
Version/Date: A 02/12
Celebrity X
Version/Date: D 09/09
Celebrity X LE
Version/Date: A 08/12
Celebrity XL
Version/Date: E 03/03
Celebrity XL 2006
Version/Date: D 08/09
Celebrity `99
Version/Date: H 04/03
Consumer Safety Guide
Version/Date: B 10/12
Version/Date: B 04/03
Full-Size Scooter Series
Version/Date: C 07/16
Hurricane (April 01 to April 05)
Version/Date: K 03/03
Hurricane (April 2005 or Later)
Version/Date: E 09/09
Hurricane (Prior to April 2001)
Version/Date: A 04/01
Introduction Page
Version/Date: C 07/13
Version/Date: D 10/02
Legend 2000
Version/Date: G 08/01
Legend 2002
Version/Date: F 05/07
Legend XL
Version/Date: D 04/09
Version/Date: C 10/02
Maxima 2002
Version/Date: G 11/10
Mid-Size Scooter Series (Non-Medical)
Version/Date: A 12/16
PMV Series
Version/Date: B 5/15
Pursuit Series
Version/Date: B 02/12
Pursuit Specifications
Version/Date: A 03/14
Version/Date: F 09/03
Rally Shopper
Version/Date: B 10/02
Version/Date: H 03/08
Version/Date: A 05/04
Spijker Specifications
Version/Date: A 06/16
Sport Rider
Version/Date: G 10/02
Version/Date: A 03/03
Victory (prior to 2002)
Version/Date: F 02/01
Victory 10 DX
Version/Date: B 02/12
Victory 10 LX Specifications
Version/Date: B 10/14
Victory 9/Victory 10
Version/Date: H 06/09
Victory Series Throttle Control Lever Operation Product Insert
Version/Date: A 03/14
Victory Twin
Version/Date: C 02/12
Victory Twin Series Specifications
Version/Date: A 12/11
Victory XL
Version/Date: D 06/03
Victory XL-3
Version/Date: A 04/02
Victory XL-4
Version/Date: C 06/03
Power Lift Recliners
Hand Control Reference
Version/Date: E 02/15
Lift Chair Series - All collections
Version/Date: P 09/15
Lift Chair Series - Specifications Insert
Version/Date: G 02/16
Lift Chairs - Prior to Collection Series
Version/Date: E 10/07
Pride Lifts and Ramps
Version/Date: B 04/06
Backpacker Plus
Version/Date: E 08/12
Version/Date: B 08/12
Commander 400
Version/Date: B 06/13
Commander 400 Specifications
Version/Date: A 11/12
Exterior Lifts
Version/Date: D 02/08
Version/Date: A 08/05
Manual Tote
Version/Date: A 08/05
Milford Person Lift
Version/Date: B 09/13
Milford SmartBase
Version/Date: C 08/14
Multi-Fold Ramps
Version/Date: C 02/14
Outlander LP Mini, DE, TM Specifications
Version/Date: C 04/16
Outlander Series
Version/Date: B 04/16
Power Tote P-100
Version/Date: A 08/05
Power Tote P-150
Version/Date: A 08/05
Pride Ramps
Version/Date: F 07/07
Rubber Threshold Ramps
Version/Date: D 12/14
SilverBoom 130
Version/Date: A 02/07
SilverBoom 300
Version/Date: D 11/07
INFINFB2685 - Lift Chair Warranty Insert
Version/Date: D 08/14
INFINFB2744 - Kids UP Warranty Insert
Version/Date: B 09/13
INFINFB2780 - Quantum Warranty Insert
Version/Date: C 03/15
INFINFB2782 - Standard Power Warranty Insert
Version/Date: B 09/13
INFINFB3057 - Travel and Non Travel Scooters Warranty Insert (built Feb 1, 2016 or later)
Version/Date: C 01/16
INFINFB3058 - Travel Scooters Warranty Insert (built prior to Feb 1, 2016 or later)
Version/Date: B 09/13
INFINFB3154 - Litestream Warranty Insert
Version/Date: B 10/14

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