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Pride Mobility Products® Corporation is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products including Jazzy® Power Chairs, Go-Go® Travel Mobility, Pride® Mobility Scooters, Pride® Lift Chairs, and Pride® Lifts and Ramps. The Pride® family of companies also includes Quantum® Rehab, a leader in complex rehab power chairs with the Q6® Series of power bases, TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems, and Q-Logic Drive Controls, as well as Stealth® Products, the foremost manufacturer of positioning components. Headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, Pride also has operations in Australia, Canada, China, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Pride is dedicated to providing expertly designed, engineered, and tested products incorporating technologically innovative features enabling consumers to achieve the highest quality of life and mobility goals.

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Eugene Gustinucci

Eugene Gustinucci - From the bench to center of the action

There's not much that can keep Eugene Gustinucci from doing the things he loves.

Eugene fought cancer and is an above the knee amputee in his right leg and is missing part of his right lung as a result, but cancer didn't win. Eugene, 61, of Plains Township, Pennsylvania, stays active thanks to his Pride® Victory® 10 Mobility Scooter and Olympian Vehicle Lift.

"I really like my scooter," Eugene said. "It handles well, the turning radius is great, and it makes it easy for me to get around. My vehicle lift also works beautifully. It's so much easier for me to load my scooter into my truck and I can do it by myself. Both products give me a lot more mobility."

A previous highway construction worker, Eugene is fully enjoying his retirement. In the spring and summer, Eugene can often be found fishing which he calls his "main sport." Other hobbies he takes pleasure in include hunting, picking blueberries, and taking trips to the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland so he can go crabbing.

In true Italian spirit, Eugene is also a fan of authentic Italian sausage, which he makes at least once a week, and of gourmet Italian cheeses.

"I make all kinds of prosciutto, lonza, and cappocolo and like to share with family and friends," Eugene said.

Eugene's very favorite thing to do is spend time with his grandchildren. He and his wife, Ann, have three grown children and six granddaughters.

"My granddaughters are into all kinds of sports and extracurricular activities, but I don't miss any of their events," Eugene said. "Whether they have a dance recital, soccer game, or are cheerleading, I don't miss a second of it."

Of course, Eugene's two Yellow Labrador Retrievers, Charlie and Haley, are also close to his heart. In between all of his other happenings, Eugene takes his dogs for daily walks with his Victory 10.

"My dogs may be getting older, but they still have a ton of energy," Eugene said. My scooter is fast enough to keep up with them. I think it is healthy for all of us to get out and take in the sights and fresh air."

Eugene recently visited his daughter and her family in Massachusetts. Thanks to his mobility products, Eugene got to explore many places with his family during his stay.

"We went to the park, the zoo, and then simply loaded my scooter back up and came home," Eugene said. "That may not sound like much, but I wouldn't have been able to go to all of these locations before. It's not a hassle to just get up and go. I can go wherever I want whenever I want, and I never get left on the bench."

Eugene Gustinucci

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