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Josh McDermott

Josh McDermott

Josh McDermott

Josh McDermott is always on the lookout for new activities to try, as long as they don't involve sitting in front of a computer screen. "Video games bore me, I'm more of an outdoor person," said the high school senior from Walkill, NY. "I'm 100-percent outgoing and I'll try pretty much anything once." On a typical day, Josh might go fishing in the morning, and get together with friends for a pickup hockey game in the afternoon. He attributes his love of the outdoors to growing up in a family that prefers camping trips over hotel rooms for family vacations. "We've always gone camping and done stuff like that," said Josh.

Living in the northeast, Josh also enjoys winter sports. "When I was little younger and had more leg strength, I did some snowboarding," he said. "A few years ago, I tried adaptive snowboarding... wow!" While he clearly enjoys his time outdoors, Josh is a well rounded young man, with a variety of interests. For instance, he also plays the guitar and the piano. "I like the sound of the piano, it's soothing and relaxes me when I'm playing," he said. "I've been playing guitar for a few years and I picked up the piano basics pretty quickly. Now I'm getting more advanced, and having a lot of fun learning."

Josh uses a Go-Go Elite Traveller and a Legend Scooter for mobility due to Becker Muscular Dystrophy, a progressive condition which causes his legs to lose muscle mass. He was featured prominently in the April edition of Mobility Management Magazine, a publication written especially for mobility and rehab suppliers and clinicians. Josh was interviewed by editor Laurie Watanabe, for the publication's April edition which focuses on issues related to living with Muscular Dystrophy. In the wide-ranging interview, Josh describes a typical day of his life in Walkill, N.Y., including how he uses his Go-Go in places like school or the mall, and his Legend Scooter at football games, friends' homes, and camping trips with the family. "When we go camping, I go on the Legend, because I know it can handle the dirt and the rocks."

With his high school education nearing an end, Josh is looking at colleges across the country, with an eye toward a career as a Crime Scene Investigator in a police forensic lab. He explained that he's always enjoyed television shows like "CSI", which led him to learn more about the profession. "Like most things, it's not really what you see on TV," said Josh. "But the real job is still fascinating. It's something I'm interested in, but I'm still keeping all my options open." Whatever the future holds, Josh is determined to meet it with his trademark good nature and never look back. "I try to never regret anything," he said. "That just holds you back."

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