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Pride Mobility Products® Corporation is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products including Jazzy® Power Chairs, Go-Go® Travel Mobility, Pride® Mobility Scooters, Pride® Lift Chairs, and Pride® Lifts and Ramps. The Pride® family of companies also includes Quantum® Rehab, a leader in complex rehab power chairs with the Q6® Series of power bases, TRU-Balance® Power Positioning Systems, and Q-Logic Drive Controls, as well as Stealth® Products, the foremost manufacturer of positioning components. Headquartered in Exeter, Pennsylvania, Pride also has operations in Australia, Canada, China, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Pride is dedicated to providing expertly designed, engineered, and tested products incorporating technologically innovative features enabling consumers to achieve the highest quality of life and mobility goals.

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Pride Mobility REF: COM/0108-1
Rev.: 0 Effective Date: 8/8/16
Approved by: Julie Piriano

Pride Mobility Products Corporation Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy Acknowledgment of Review and Receipt of Information

Effective August 1, 2016

Pride has implemented the following unilateral manufacturer Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy for all U.S. customers who market, purchase and resell Pride products, including private label products manufactured by Pride (Pride manufactured products, whether distributed under the Pride brand or as private label are referred to as “Pride products” throughout this MAP policy). This MAP policy shall apply to the advertised price of certain Pride products. Pride reserves the right, in its sole discretion and from time to time, to modify the list of Pride label products that this MAP policy applies to as well as the MAP associated with a particular Pride product or products. This MAP policy does not constitute an express or implied agreement between Pride and any provider or reseller of Pride products and Pride does not seek and will not accept any express or implied agreement from any provider regarding this policy. Pride shall unilaterally enforce its policy and reserves the right to deny or deactivate a provider or distributor that does not adhere to Pride’s MAP policy.

  • In order to maintain the good reputation of Pride and promote responsible practices in connection with the sale and service of Pride products, Pride does not allow Pride products to be advertised below the MAP established and revised by Pride from time to time. MAPs for Pride brand products are available at www.prideprovider.com. Resellers are responsible to regularly confirm MAP for all Pride products.
  • A price must always be shown for MAP products. Note: Advertisements suggesting that a product may be added to a cart for pricing is inconsistent with this policy and will be regarded as a violation.
  • Any Pride product advertised below MAP in any and all media violates this MAP policy and is strictly prohibited.
  • Instructions to “call / e-mail for lowest price”, “call / email for lower price” or “call / e-mail for price” or an advertising statement that the provider has “the lowest prices” or “price matches” are acceptable if the product is not advertised as having a price at or below MAP. Instructions to “call / e-mail for special offer” are acceptable if the product is advertised at the MAP price.
  • Any advertised discount or price reduction including but not limited to coupons or other discounts displayed next to a Pride Mobility product in any media is considered a direct violation of the MAP policy if the cumulative advertised price is below MAP. To the extent the provider is advertising a “coupon” or discount for use with a Pride product, or private label product manufactured by Pride, the value of the coupon or discount shall be deducted from the listed price to determine the advertised price. Provider is permitted to offer coupons in the following manner only:
    • Consumer must call in to the provider, thus becoming a customer of the provider, to receive a coupon or coupon code to be used at checkout; or
    • Consumer must enter their email address on the provider’s website, thus becoming a customer of the provider to receive a separate email with a coupon or coupon code to be used at checkout; or
    • Consumer must visit a provider’s physical location, thus becoming a customer of the provider, to receive a coupon or coupon code to be used at checkout; or,
    • Consumer is a current customer of the provider and has received a coupon or coupon code directly from the provider.
  • Pop-up ads and/or chat boxes advertising a price lower than MAP are considered a violation of the MAP policy. Note: This does not apply once the consumer has engaged in the chat conversation.
  • Advertising or selling a Pride product as part of a package or bundle that attributes value to the MAP product that is lower than Pride’s Minimum Advertised Price policy is strictly prohibited.
  • The provider is responsible to ensure that all their websites, including 3rd party websites such as, but not limited to Amazon, Bing, Craigslist, eBay, Google, Yahoo, etc. where Pride products are listed contain accurate MAP information. It is the responsibility of the Internet retailer to stay current with all MAP guidelines and information, which is located at www.prideprovider.com.
  • In order to not restrict trade, the MAP policy is unilaterally established and maintained by Pride, applies only to the minimum advertised price and does not apply to the price at which the product is sold to individual customers.
  • Each provider is expected to independently determine the price at which it sells designated Pride products, including private label products manufacturer by Pride.
  • Photos used for advertisement purposes must be an accurate representation of the product being sold.
  • Providers may advertise or offer new Pride products on a 3rd party “auction” website (i.e., Amazon, Bing, Craigslist, eBay, Google, Yahoo, etc.) in conjunction with the site’s rules and regulations as long as the format for the sale is “buy it now” or a fixed price at or above MAP.
  • Pride products that have been used for demonstration purposes, are a floor model, loaner, rental or previously owned by a customer, where the provider has ownership of the device may be advertised and sold in a provider’s showroom, on a provider’s website or a 3rd party “auction” website in conjunction with the site’s rules and regulations as long as the device is clearly marked as used. Any other description of the product including, but not limited to “like new”, demo, “open box” or previously owned is strictly prohibited. Used items:
    • Must be sold “as is” and clearly marked as such;
    • May not indicate, infer or imply that a manufacturer’s warranty is included with the product;
    • Must show images of the actual used, unboxed product; and,
    • Must include the serial number of the actual used item in the description of the product.
  • Providers may not reference the existence of Pride’s Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, or indicate that they are precluded from advertising a lower price in any form of communication. Using the words “Minimum Advertised Price”, “MAP” or any similar wording may not appear in any advertisement featuring Pride products or private label products manufactured by Pride.
  • This MAP policy applies to any activity that Pride Mobility Products Corporation determines, in its sole discretion, is designed to circumvent the intent of this MAP policy.

MAP Policy Violation Guidelines

If Pride determines, in its sole discretion, that a reseller has violated, or taken action inconsistent with this policy, Pride reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate its supply arrangements with any reseller. Pride will not negotiate with a party violating this policy nor will it accept any agreement from a reseller to acquiesce to the terms of this policy. Pride will provide notice of violations and review advertisements to determine correction and continuing compliance. While Pride reserves the right to act immediately to suspend and/or terminate supply arrangements with any reseller, Pride offers the following guidelines regarding detection of violations and Pride’s anticipated course of action:

  1. First Violation: An email notification will be sent to the authorized provider identifying the violation. Pride will examine the public record to confirm correction within 24 hours. If no evidence of correction is discovered, Pride will treat this as a second violation and reseller’s account will be suspended.
  2. Second Violation: Any violation within 12 months of the first violation will be considered a second violation. An email notification will be sent to the authorized provider and the provider’s account will automatically be suspended for a period of 10 days. The suspension will begin when the email notification is issued. Pride will examine the public record to confirm correction. If no evidence of correction is discovered, Pride will treat this as a third violation. Note: For internet retailers, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays are all considered business days.
  3. Third Violation: In addition to the immediately preceding provision regarding evidence of correction within 10 days, any violation within 12 months of a second violation will be considered a third violation. An email notification as well as a letter will be sent via a traceable delivery method (FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.) to the address of record for the account immediately suspending supply of Pride products to the reseller and deactivating the reseller’s account. Deactivation will occur immediately upon issuance of notification.
  4. Any advertisement of Pride products for sale by an unauthorized reseller is subject to DMCA takedown as it is considered a trademark infringement.

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Date: 6/29/2017

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