Military Hiring

Gary Wightman Military & Civilian - Bryan Anderson Army Group Photo

Pride Values Veterans

Pride Mobility Products values the service veterans and their family members have given to our country. We support the hiring of veterans, returning service members, and their military spouses. We know the exceptional leadership, skills, and perspectives that veterans can bring to our business. We are committed to making this a great place for your next contribution.

Pride employees who are qualifying veterans get Veterans Day off as a paid holiday. That’s our small way of saying “thank you” for your service.

Organizations we support and work with in regards to employing veterans:

Military Skills Translator

Use the VA’s online Military Skills Translator to easily convert your military experience into civilian language that hiring managers can easily understand.

Rashaad Barbour

Rashaad Barbour
Military title, job, and branch: Specialist, 12B10 Combat Engineer – U.S. Army
Position at Pride: Product Technician I, Scooter Technical Service

I think the company makes it simple for veterans to transition to a civilian job here. One of our models in the army is ‘Be all you can be.’ Pride is one of the best companies I have ever worked for. The transition into Pride was easy because of all the training and wonderful staff. Everyone is extremely supportive, and I feel like it is a place you can ‘Be all you can be.’

Gary Wightman

Gary Wightman
Military title, job, and branch: Specialist, M1A1 Tank Crewman – U.S. Army
Position at Pride: IT Support, Information Technology

The training at Pride is really good and anyone in the military is used to a lot of training. The comradery is also great here, which is another big thing for military personnel because that’s what we all miss – the people.

Dave Mattrazzo

Dave Mattrazzo
Military title, job, and branch: Corporal, Plane Captain – U.S. Marine Corp.
Position at Pride: Director of Manufacturing, Quantum Production

Pride definitely highlights veterans and acknowledges they served our country through hanging veterans’ pictures on the walls, a paid day off for Veterans Day, and other programs. I think it’s good that they do all of this. This is the first company I’ve worked for that truly recognizes veterans.

Patricia Sompel

Patricia Sompel
Military title, job, and branch: 3rd Class Petty Officer, Recruiting – U.S. Navy
Position at Pride: Assembler IV, Quantum Production

Pride offers such a wide array of positions that just about every job in the military applies to Pride somehow. There is so much that a veteran can do here. I think it’s great that we hire veterans, and it’s a great place for them to get their feet wet into a civilian job.

John Dermako

John Dermako
Military title, job, and branch: Private First Class, Tank Crewman – U.S. Army
Position at Pride: Material Handler II, Material Handling/Cushions

We take care of veterans very well at Pride. We draw on veterans’ strengths and work with them to help them grow. Veterans usually know what to do, and they will easily adapt here.

Kevin Putchio

Kevin Putchio
Military title, job, and branch: Third Class Petty Officer, Maintained and Operated Auxiliary Equipment – U.S. Navy
Position at Pride: Material Handler – Receiving/Forklift, Mississippi Production

When I left active duty I went back to school and received my tech degree in diesel mechanics. The one thing that has been very helpful at Pride is having a strong work ethic that I was taught by my father and the Navy.

Wendy Carwyle

Wendy Carwyle
Military title, job, and branch: Specialist, Battalion Level Supply, Mississippi Army National Guard
Position at Pride: Quality Inspector I, Mississippi Mega QA Production

I really like how Pride recognizes the military/veterans and how supportive they have been to my husband (who also works at Pride) with him recently re-enlisting. Everyone at work asked me about him while he was gone to re-enlist. That alone show me that Pride not only supports the military, but they also care about military spouses and families.

Dexter Baron Caryle

Dexter Baron Carwyle
Military title, job, and branch: Sargent, Apache Crew Chief/Forward Observer – Mississippi Army National Guard
Position at Pride: Assembler I, Mississippi Production

I got out of the military three years ago and was recently hired by Pride, but they have been really supportive and helpful. I just re-enlisted into the National Guard and Pride was supportive of my decision and was helpful to my wife while I was away to get back in. They were great in giving me an opportunity to serve again.