image of wireless remote

Wireless Remote

The lift chair wireless remote is where convenience meets practicality. It is part of our line of Pride Mobility lift chair accessories and is available for purchase from our authorized dealers. The wireless remote performs all the same functions as the wired hand remote, providing peace of mind and ease of use if the wired hand controller for your power recliner is out of reach. If you’re worried about losing the wireless remote, you can kiss your worries goodbye by wearing it around your neck on a retractable lanyard. There is also a safety feature that locks and unlocks the remote so that the chair doesn’t move if buttons are accidentally pressed.
What’s more, if you are lounging in the chair and a caretaker has the remote, they can operate the electric lift chair within a range of up to 25 feet.

Note: Not all accessories are available for all products. Please speak with your Provider for details and availability.
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