Alan Labonte

Alan Labonte

"I chose the Go-Go Elite Traveller for its portability. It is compact and very easy for my wife and me to take along with us on a daily basis."

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Alan Labonte, Scituate, MA

"To me, the main thing is portability. In promoting my new book, my wife Lora and I have been doing a lot of traveling. My Go-Go scooter has helped me to speedily move down airline ramps, onto commuter trains, to taxicabs, to hotel rooms and onto stages when making presentations. Its compact size and low weight make it easy to move and store so that it's readily available for my next move." 
Alan Labonte

Alan really knows how to stay on the go and has been doing just that in promoting the sales of his new book, "A MILLION REASONS Why I Fought for the Rights of the Disabled," while using his Go-Go Elite Traveller.

Recently, Alan's Go-Go played an important role when he traveled to HBO Studio Productions in NYC to tape a televised book review for "Christopher Close-up." "I was pleasantly surprised to see how easily my scooter fit into the trunk of a New York taxicab. I drove it right onto the Studio 2 set where one of the technical assistants moved it off camera after I was seated for the interview. It was all very exciting!"

Alan's book chronicles his life after being hired as the executive director of a prestigious Boston law firm. He worked diligently to bring the firm out of its deepening financial crisis, was given a generous salary increase at the end of his first year - but, in the months following his informing the partners that he had contracted multiple sclerosis, he was dismissed "for cause."

At first, Alan and his lawyer sought only a modest financial settlement. The law firm's stubborn position carried the case into a classic legal battle under the Massachusetts statute prohibiting handicap discrimination. The landmark decision by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court set a new legal precedent for people with disabilities in America.

Alan's book A MILLION REASONS is a true legal drama, but just as importantly is a highly personal account of the spiritual journey he took to reach the final verdict.

A new chapter is now unfolding in Alan's life. His immediate plans are to give the keynote address at a meeting of the Texas Bar Association in Austin, Texas and for a tour that will begin in Atlanta and culminate back in Boston. From there, he's sure to find continued success on any path he travels. And with his Go-Go Travel Scooter, the journey will be a whole lot easier.