Profiles In Motion - Jazzy Power Chairs

Embracing Technology

"My Jazzy Air 2 gives me confidence to keep up with my active lifestyle."

Yvette Pegues, Canton, GA

“With my Jazzy Air, I can now reach the stove, the sink, and even the upper cabinets, up to the second shelf.”
Cheryl Miller, Indiana, Florida

Going the Distance

Blooming Flowers, Blooming Smiles

"My Jazzy helps me do my gardening, but it also allows me to be more social. I can enjoy the company of my friends or my grandchildren whenever I want."

Dolores Osborne, Daleville, PA

Now I Love Nature!

"It was my first time ever doing something like this. No way would I have gone up and down a mountain in a manual wheelchair. The weather was perfect and the waterfalls, when we reached the top, were gorgeous. I never would have attempted this without my Jazzy, and now I love nature"

Jean Snyder, Fort Wayne, IN

Teaching by Example

"Whether it's at the zoo, the museum or my son's soccer games, these things would not be possible without my [power] chairs. With the chairs, I'll be able to do anything we want to do"

Darrel Ford, Bayport, NY