How Can I Get My Mobility Scooter Repaired?

If you use your motorized scooter every day and put a lot of miles on it, eventually, repairs may be needed. Whether it’s a simple repair or something more complicated, your provider can help! Regular service checks are vital to keeping your scooter running smoothly.
Motorized scooters must be serviced by an authorized Pride provider. Our providers are trained to perform diagnostic testing and repairs. Give your provider a call and schedule an appointment if you need service for your mobility scooter. We do not recommend consumers perform their own mobility scooter repairs. This is for safety reasons. If you are unsure who your provider is, contact our Consumer Call Center. Our team of representatives is available Monday-Friday, 8:30am – 5:00pm, to assist you. Call 800-800-4258 or email at
If your electric scooter is prescribed by a doctor, your scooter may be considered medical equipment. Medicare Part B may cover a portion of the cost of a power mobility device, such as a motorized scooter, if it is medically necessary. Medicare requires a face-to-face examination with your physician prior to writing a prescription for a power mobility device. During your exam, your physician must first consider the use of cane, walker, and manual wheelchair before considering a motorized scooter. If your physician feels that your mobility needs must be resolved with an electric scooter, this needs to be documented in your medical records. A physical therapist or occupational therapist may also conduct an additional assessment if your physician feels it would help in determining whether the motorized scooter is necessary. Medicare Part B may also cover scooter repairs. If you qualify for the mobility scooter, you qualify for any necessary repairs. You can visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) for further details.
If you have private insurance, you can contact your insurer to find out if they cover electric scooter repairs. Call the number listed on your insurance card and speak to a representative.
If your insurance doesn’t cover motorized scooter repairs and you need help paying for the repairs, there are options available. Many Pride providers accept credit cards, cash or money orders for their services. They may also offer financing options. Over hundreds of Pride providers participate with CareCredit, a credit card that allows you to pay for medical equipment and services over time. The payment plan is based on your budget. There are also special promotional financing options available upon credit approval. Contact your provider today to find out how you can fill out an application or visit for more information.