When limited by an injury or disability, individuals tend to lead inactive lifestyles. There’s good news, however! Even if you are limited by your mobility or use a motorized wheelchair or electric scooter, there are still ways to be active and live a healthy life.

According to the article “How to Exercise if You Have Limited Mobility” on helpguide.org, there are a variety of ways to conquer your mobility issues and experience the mental, physical and emotional benefits of exercise.

Clarence Larry
Before you begin any kind of exercise regime, helpguide.org recommends obtaining medical clearance. it’s important to speak with your primary care physician, physical therapist or other health care provider about what activities are appropriate based on your medical condition or disability. The article lists key questions to ask your doctor or physical therapist.
It’s also important to stay safe while exercising. Helpguide.org offers a few safety recommendations, including stretching beforehand and to stop exercising immediately if you feel any discomfort. When faced with barriers, such as a lack of motivation, the article suggests how to overcome them, such as exercising with a friend.
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