Lifts and Ramps

How do you transport a wheelchair? How do you traverse thresholds in a scooter? These are all questions you may ask yourself at the beginning of your journey toward greater mobility.

Around the Home

One of the most important parts of mobility is ensuring that your home is accessible for a wheelchair or scooter. A wheelchair ramp can be a great solution for accessing access different areas within your home.

How Do You Select a Wheelchair Ramp?

There are many factors to consider when you are getting ready to purchase a ramp. A few factors to consider are:

  • Portability - do you need to have a ramp that you can move and travel with? Or are you looking for a ramp that will be a permanent fixture inside/outside of your home?
  • Length - How long of a ramp do you need? There is an exact formula to follow when you are trying to ensure your ramp is ADA compliant. Here are some resources for you to reference.
  • Materials - Ramps can be made from many different materials. One of the most common material types is aluminum. Selecting the most appropriate material for your environment will be important.

What is a Lift?

Whether you are going to the mall, the grocery store, or even the doctor's office, you’ll need a way to take your electric wheelchair or scooter with you. One way to transport your electric wheelchair or scooter is by using a lift with your vehicle. Utilizing a lift is a great way to ensure your mobility device is secured and transported safely , allowing you to maintain your independence. There are many different types of lifts. Some can be installed inside (interior) your vehicle, and others may be installed outside (exterior) your vehicle, depending on the make and model.

Is a Lift Compatible with My Vehicle?

Before purchasing a lift, it's very important to ensure compatibility with your vehicle and your power wheelchair or scooter. The best way to verify if a lift will work with what you have is to contact a provider or the manufacturer of your lift. Typically, you will be instructed on what components and recommended accessories will be necessary to ensure the safe securement of your mobility device.

If you are in the market for a new electric wheelchair or scooter, make sure your home is accessible and that you have a way to transport your new mobility device. Click here to view our line of electric wheelchairs and scooters.