Disclosure Statement

Pride Mobility Products Corporation
Disclosure Statement Pursuant to Cal. Civ. Code 1714.43(a)

Pride Mobility Products Corporation ("Pride") supports the right of all individuals to be free from slavery in the workplace. Pride will not, as a matter of principle, support or condone, either directly or indirectly, any form of slavery or human trafficking in connection with Pride's business operations. Pride strives to establish and maintain contractual relationships with only the most reputable international suppliers of materials, components, subcontract manufacturing and other services. Consistent with this goal, and in addition to other forms of vetting and verification that Pride has and continues to undertake to assure the quality and integrity of its supply chain, Pride, reasonably contemporaneous with the issuance of this disclosure effective January 1, 2012, is commencing steps to verify that participants in the Pride supply chain have both an appreciation and respect for the need to prohibit and disavow acts of slavery and human trafficking in connection with business activities This verification is being conducted by Pride itself rather than a third party.

Effective January 1, 2012, Pride is issuing a request to domestic and international Pride suppliers to acknowledge the impropriety of slavery and human trafficking in any form and to indicate an intention to abide by applicable law prohibiting slavery and human trafficking. Furthermore, Pride will incorporate into new supplier agreements a provision requiring compliance with laws prohibiting slavery and human trafficking as a condition of performance.

While Pride has not established an independent mechanism for auditing a supplier's compliance with the prohibition against slavery and human trafficking, Pride will commence training of Pride personnel who interact with suppliers, whether in the course of contractual negotiation, performance or quality audit, to be mindful of legal requirements prohibiting slavery and human trafficking, and to report to senior management any evidence of non-compliance on the part of a supplier. Based upon such report, and with the assistance of legal counsel, Pride will evaluate issues of compliance with Pride's policy and take appropriate action.

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