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The Jazzy® Power Chair offers a wide range of mobility solutions that are built for the real world. From easily portable power wheelchairs, to robust models with Active-Trac® ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over varied terrain, there is a Jazzy Power Chair to suit anyone's needs.

Jazzy® Power Wheelchairs

jazzy select

Jazzy Select®

The Jazzy Select® is super maneuverable and easy to use.

Jazzy Air 2

Jazzy Air® 2

The Jazzy Air® 2 elevates 12" in just 11 seconds and drives up to 4 mph while elevated.

Jazzy Select 6 2.0

Jazzy Select® 6 2.0

Offering a truly unique ride experience with a sporty design and superior performance.

Jazzy Passport

Jazzy® Passport

Traveling has never been easier or more enjoyable with the compact and lightweight Jazzy® Passport.

Go Chair

Go Chair®

Enjoy lightweight travel and greater independence on the go with the Go Chair.

Jazzy Select 6

Jazzy Select® 6

The Jazzy Select® 6 has mid-wheel drive and added stability for top performance.

Jazzy Elite ES

Jazzy® Elite ES

In-line, front-wheel drive technology gives the Jazzy® Elite ES excellent stability and maneuverability.

Jazzy Elite ES 1

Jazzy® Elite ES-1

The Jazzy® Elite ES-1 combines in-line, front wheel drive performance with great style.

Jazzy 600 ES

Jazzy® 600 ES

The Jazzy® 600 ES offers the tightest turning radius in the Jazzy line.

Jazzy Elite HD

Jazzy® Elite HD

The Jazzy® Elite HD offers heavy-duty construction, a 450 lbs. weight capacity, and excellent performance.

Jazzy 614 HD

Jazzy® 614 HD

The Jazzy® 614 HD delivers outstanding performance and superb maneuverability in a powerful, stylish package.

Jazzy Elite 14

Jazzy® Elite 14

With 14" drive wheels, the Jazzy® Elite 14 is designed to handle various terrains with ease.

Jazzy Elite ES Portable

Jazzy® Elite ES Portable

The Jazzy® Elite ES Portable combines power and performance with portability.

Jazzy 1450

Jazzy® 1450

The Jazzy® 1450 offers front-wheel drive and features heavy-duty construction.