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Pride Mobility Products Corp. is the world's leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobility products - power chairs, scooters and lift chairs.

  • 1986 - The Meuser family purchases a small lift chair manufacturer, Pride Health Care, Inc., in Pittston, Pa. The Kretchik family maintains an ownership position. The focus of the new company is improving lift chair style and performance.

  • 1992 - With Pride's lift chairs an industry leader, Pride expands into the mobility scooter market, producing the widely-popular Shuttle scooter. Pride® Scooters offer sleek, stylish models with options and accessories to meet the personal preferences of consumers.

  • 1996 - Based on consumer demand, Pride invents the acclaimed Jazzy® Power Chair, offering industry-leading maneuverability with its patented "mid-wheel" drive technology. The Jazzy is immediately recognized among the most stylish, maneuverable and natural-feeling power chairs ever designed.

  • 1998 - Pride enters the international market, with subsidiaries in Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and later Australia.

  • 2000 - Pride forms Quantum® Rehab, a division dedicated to the design and manufacturing of complex rehab technology. Quantum's cutting edge power bases, seating, and electronics mark a new tailored-fit standard in quality, performance and adaptability for those with advanced mobility needs.

  • 2002 - Recognizing the need for superior pressure management systems, Pride develops Synergy® Cushions and Backs. Synergy Cushions and Backs are not only used with Pride and Quantum products, but become popular throughout the industry.

  • 2004 - As the global leader in scooters, Pride revolutionizes the industry with the Go-Go® Travel Scooter, an ultra-compact, lightweight mobility product that easily disassembles to make transportation even easier for consumers. With its popularity, the Go-Go line rapidly expands.

  • 2005 - Pride launches Pride® Lifts & Ramps, a division dedicated solely to vehicle lift systems. These products make it quick, convenient and affordable to take a Pride Mobility product anywhere, often without any vehicle modifications.

  • 2006 - Pride celebrates its 20th year of operation by taking a strong leadership role within the mobility industry. On behalf of the consumers they serve, Pride makes efforts in Washington, D.C., to help ensure that every American who requires a mobility product has access. The Jazzy® Power Chair's 10th birthday is marked by the launch of the Jazzy Select® Series, featuring advancements in design and value.

  • 2007 - Pride further evolves the most advanced design, research and development, and testing infrastructure in the industry. Product advancements continue, including the launch of the Victory® Scooter Series.

  • 2010 - The Q6® Edge complex rehab power chair is launched, rapidly becoming a market leader based on its consumer-inspired design, incorporating compact maneuverability with rugged performance.

  • 2013 - Evolving the Go-Go line, Pride launches the Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension the most comfortable travel mobility scooter on the market.

  • 2014 - Pride and Quantum acquire Stealth Products, a complex rehab leader in seating systems, positioning components, alternative drive controls, and pediatric products.

  • 2015 - iLevel technology is launched on the new Q6® Edge 2.0 power chair. iLevel is the first power-elevating seating system that allows standing-height operation at 10" of lift at up to 3.5 mph. This consumer-inspired technology changes lives by allowing elevated mobility to access environments and social settings in ways previously inaccessible. iLevel literally opens up a world of new heights for power chair users.

  • 2016 - The Jazzy Air™ introduces a new era in retail power mobility - it's social mobility. Whether at home or on the town, the Jazzy Air elevates independence and social confidence. The Jazzy Air features the elegance of 10" of seat elevation while driving at 3.5 mph, to allow enhanced environmental access and social interaction. Pride Mobility Products is granted a patent directed to performance and safety features included in the iLevel® elevating power chair.

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