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Pride Lifts and Ramps

Use Pride Mobility Products' Lift Finder to find a compatible lift for your vehicle and mobility product.

Exterior Lifts
Outlander Scooter Lift
Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift

The Outlander Full Platform Exterior Lift is designed to provide a durable, easy-to-use system to take your scooter or power chair with you.

Outlander DE Exterior Lift
Outlander DE Exterior Lift

The Outlander DE Exterior Lift's easy drive on design takes the hassle out of loading your scooter in busy parking areas.

Outlander XL exterior lift
Outlander XL Exterior Lift

The Outlander XL Exterior Lift makes loading and unloading your scooter fast and simple.

Outlander Exterior Lift
Outlander LP

The Outlander LP Exterior Vehicle Lift is a low-profile lift for consumers with Class II or Class III/IV hitches.

Outlander Exterior Lift Mini
Outlander LP Mini

The Outlander LP Mini Exterior Lift is specifically designed for the weight limitations of Class II vehicles for use with 10” mid-wheel drive power chairs.

Outlander TM Exterior Lift
Outlander TM Exterior Lift

The Outlander TM requires little to no modification of your vehicle and allows for easy removal.

Commander 400
Commander 400

The Commander 400 Exterior Lift offers maximum durability in an easy-to-use system for fast loading and unloading.

Interior Lifts
Backpacker Plus
Backpacker® Plus Interior Lift

Enhanced construction and a fresh new look give the Backpacker® Plus the quality you expect and deserve.

Backpacker Plus
Backpacker® AVP

The Backpacker® AVP is engineered to be a perfect fit for a variety of vehicles, including SUVs.

Olympan AutoLift
Olympian AutoLift

The Olympian AutoLift is highly adjustable with sophisticated engineering, fits most vehicles and is easily transferable.

Person Lifts
Milford Person Lift
Milford Person Lift

The Milford Person Lift is a highly adaptable and versatile wheelchair to vehicle transfer solution.

Rubber Threshold Ramps
Rubber Threshold Ramps

Rubber Threshold Ramps provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces including small steps and doorways.

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