Those Who Are Disabled Wheelchairs for Sale

For the disabled wheelchairs for sale is a topic that often comes to mind. With all the models of electric wheelchair available, it can be challenging to know where to start. That’s why we’ve prepared a guide for you of four of our most popular chairs in the Jazzy® line. Read on to learn more about the features each power wheelchair has.

Jazzy Air® 2 Disabled Wheelchair for Sale

The Jazzy Air® 2 is a feature-packed power wheelchair. It has multiple seat sizes and configurations available, including high-back or solid seat pan and a reclining sport seat. It has a height-adjustable headrest, and angle-, height-, and depth-adjustable armrests. And its Mid-Wheel 6 Technology with Active-Trac® Suspension give you an incredibly smooth, stable ride.

Of course, the standout feature on the Jazzy Air® 2 is the elevation. The Jazzy Air 2 is a fully functional electric wheelchair in two heights. Its low position is 2 inches lower than standard, allowing users to enjoy sitting at a table or a desk. Then at the touch of a button the chair elevates 12 inches, allowing users to access higher cabinets and be closer to standing conversation height. The foot platform adjusts up to 2 inches, too. The best part? The chair operates normally in both positions and can reach speeds as high as 4 mph in the upper position.

Jazzy® Passport Electric Wheelchair


The Jazzy® Passport electric wheelchair is the wheelchair of choice for many who love to travel. It’s a lightweight power wheelchair that folds up for easy transport. the Jazzy Passport looks and operates more like a traditional wheelchair—but with more power and a touch of style.

Even though the Jazzy Passport is lightweight and compact, it still manages to include some great usability features, including an under-seat mesh storage bag, a pocket on the seat back, and a cup holder. This chair is now available with an airline-approved travel battery (but of course, always check with your specific airline ahead of time, as policies differ among airlines).

Jazzy® Elite 14 Disabled Wheelchair for Sale

If you’re looking for disabled wheelchairs for sale with a little more maneuverability, check out the Jazzy® Elite 14. It’s a 6-wheel model with front-wheel drive. The large 14-inch drive wheels are positioned forward, giving you excellent traction as well as absorption over obstacles. This chair gives you the ability climb hills better than you can in most other chairs, and the front-wheel drive design gives you a great turning radius, too.

Don’t worry about losing stability with the front-wheel design, either. In front of the drive wheels are two front anti-tip wheels, for an exceptionally stable ride.

Jazzy® Elite ES Portable Wheelchair

If you’re looking for a portable disabled wheelchair for sale, but the Jazzy Passport was a little too sparse for your taste, check out the Jazzy® Elite ES Portable. It’s a great balance of style, performance, and portability. It quickly disassembles into five pieces for transport or storage, yet it has a front-wheel drive design, giving a tight turning radius and great climbing ability. It’s a great all-around chair with a high level of portability.

Each power wheelchair or electric wheelchair described above has its own unique mix of features. If you’re looking at disabled wheelchairs for sale, whether for yourself or for a loved one, we’d love to help. Contact us today to discuss your particular needs. We can help you decide which disabled wheelchair for sale is right for you!