Elderly Chairs for a More Comfortable Lifestyle

Whether you sit for only a few minutes at a time or for several hours each day, you want your chair to feel as comfortable as possible. VivaLift!® Power Recliners by Pride includes an array of elderly chairs that ensure your comfort while providing important support to your body at the same time. While the features are similar, the appearance between these elderly chairs varies significantly. Discover how these elderly chairs can offer you the greatest comfort and benefit your life while fitting in perfectly with the décor of your home.

Elderly Chairs in the Sierra Collection

Have you ever sat down in a chair, gotten very comfortable, and then realized that you could not get out of it? That will never be a problem with this chair. The Sierra Elderly Chair Collection comes equipped with a hand remote that allows you to adjust the chair to a variety of positions. You can also recline completely flat if you wish.

With the power headrest and footrest, you can position your upper and lower body in the way that is most comfortable for you. Not only does this provide important support for your head, neck, shoulders, and legs, it offers optimal lumbar support for the back as well. This model is available in Stonewash fabric with your choice of three colors: Amber, Dune, and Mossy.

The Legacy Lift Chair Elderly Chair

The Legacy Collection offers luxurious elderly chairs that allow you to enjoy activities such as watching television, reading a book, or using your laptop computer. You might even get so comfortable that you decide to take a nap. This chair could not be more convenient with its large side pockets for storing books, crochet needles and yarn, and other hobby items. You just sit down and everything you need is right there.

Whether you wish to lie flat while reclining, sit completely upright, or find that perfect position somewhere in between, you can select your ideal position with the hand remote that accompanies the chair. The footrest extension makes it possible to stretch your legs much further than you could in a typical recliner. Thanks to the power headrest that enables you to maneuver it into nearly any position, you may never experience a sore neck after sitting in an oversized recliner again. With gorgeous Saville fabric, color choices for the Legacy Elderly Chair include Brown, Grey, and Wine.

Elegance Elderly Chair Recliners

The VivaLift! Elegance Elderly Chair is made from soft fabric and features sharp contrast stitching. It combines style, function, and comfort into one amazing recline that fits nicely into the corner of any room in your home. The Elegance Collection comes in Badlands fabric, with your choice of colors: Mushroom, Steel, and Walnut.

The Elegance lift chair is the ideal elderly chair if you have chronic back, neck, leg, or foot pain. With the push of a button on your USB remote, you can set the headrest, footrest, and lumbar support exactly how you like it. Like the other two chairs, you can also use the remote control to bring the chair to a standing position so you can get out of it easily.

No matter which VivaLift! model you choose, all VivaLift! elderly chairs use a lithium battery backup. This ensures that even when your home loses power, your chair remains operational so that you are able to get out of the chair safely in the event of a power failure.