Best Fabric Choices for Elderly Lift Recliners

You want the best lift chair for your elderly loved one, one that delivers maximum performance, comfort and durability. Pride’s elderly lift recliners ensure your loved one maintains his or her independence and mobility, yet you also want them to have an elderly lift chair that looks great, feels great and endures year after year. Pride® Recliner Lift Chairs feature high-performing fabrics that are durable and stylish.

VivaLift!® Recliner Elderly Chair Fabrics

The VivaLift!® Recliners from Pride feature innovative elderly chair technology that provides customizable comfort at the touch of a button. The full-width power headrest, power lumbar, backrest and footrest extension can be adjusted independently from one and another. Plus, with so many fabric choices, it’s easy to find the perfect elderly lift chair to meet your loved one’s needs. The Legacy Collection lift chairs for elderly individuals come in Saville fabric, for a gorgeous plush look that is available in three different color options. For a more upscale appearance, consider elderly lift chairs in the Voya Collection, which offer Picasso fabric. No matter what style your loved one chooses, all VivaLift! elderly chairs include lithium battery backup, ensuring the elderly chair lift remains operational when the power goes out.

UltraLeather™ Elderly Lift Recliners

When searching for specific lift recliner fabrics to meet your loved one’s needs, Pride’s elderly lift chairs are available in an array of durable performance fabrics. The Heritage Collection’s elderly chairs offer optional UltraLeather™ fabric, a richly detailed grain pattern expressive of premium grade leather. With a soft and luxurious feel, UltraLeather features a two-tone shading, a result of a laboratory process that layers grain patterns to create depth and texture. Plus, UltraLeather fabric elderly chairs are clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes than vinyl or genuine leather for greater comfort. Plus, the antimicrobial surface on these elderly lift chairs cleans effortlessly with soap and water.

Elderly Chair Lifts with Crypton® Super Fabrics

If your elderly loved one needs a fabric that is spill-resistant, Crypton® Super Fabrics are available. The Metro Collection lift chairs for elderly people offer optional Aria Crypton fabric, which provides a luxurious feel and contemporary look. This durable fabric resists spills, stains, odors, and bacteria. These elderly chairs are 100 percent water-resistant, so spills are wiped away easily. A unique patented integrated fiber process protects the upholstery inside and out. Your VivaLift Metro 2 lift chair with Aria Crypton fabric offers permanent technology that does not come off, with a five-year warranty on the moisture barrier.

Lexis Sta-Kleen® Fabrics for Elderly Lift Chairs

If your loved one prefers faux leather, consider Lexis Sta-Kleen® Performance Fabric, available as an option on the Oasis Collection’s elderly chair lifts. Sta-Kleen is a revolution in faux leather upholstery as the first stain-resistant urethane fabric. The Sta-Kleen fabric on elderly lift chairs delivers permanent protection, created with a proprietary bonding process inherent in the manufacturing process of the elderly lift chair. Sta-Kleen is not a topical application and lasts the lifetime of the elderly lift recliner. With the look and feel of real leather, Sta-Kleen fabric provides maximum durability with exceptional strength, abrasion resistance and UV stability. Plus, these lift chairs for elderly people feature a “stain shield” that is anti-bacterial and allows spills to be wiped off easily with a cloth.

In your search to find the perfect elderly lift chair and fabric for your loved one, consider Pride’s elderly lift chairs. Click here to find a local provider now.