Great Elderly Power Lift Chairs from Pride

Pride® Power Lift Chairs offer so many great benefits. You can experience comfort, style, durability and the latest in power lift chair technology. Whether you live at home or in a retirement community, you deserve to experience maximum comfort and superior performance while maintaining your independence and mobility.

Innovative Elderly Power Lift Recliners

Pride’s VivaLift!® lineup of power lift chairs for elderly individuals deliver the most innovative features and state-of-the-art luxury. VivaLift! recliners are equipped with an array of functions including a power headrest, power backrest, power lumbar and a footrest extension, all of which can be adjusted independently. The convenient hand remote with soft-touch buttons is easy to operate, as the best elderly power lift chairs are ones that are easy to use. Plus, you can experience peace of mind with these elderly power lift chairs, as these lift recliners include lithium battery backup, ensuring the lift chair is operational when the power goes out. Learn more about the VivaLift! Infinity elderly power lift chair, the most comfortable recliner in the world.

Durable Power Lift Chairs for Elderly

Pride’s elderly power lift chairs deliver lasting performance. These lift recliners feature a steel lift frame with a heavy-duty actuator and scissor mechanism. With a quiet and smooth operation, the lift mechanism allows you to sit and stand quickly and independently. Each elderly power lift chair is built with a wooden frame, composed of furniture-grade laminate/hardwood for added strength and durability. This superb construction combines with industry-first Total Comfort Seating on the Heritage Collection’s power lift chairs for elderly people. With so many great features, it’s no wonder that Pride’s Heritage Collection is the #1 seller of Pride Lift Chairs. The Heritage lift chairs feature head and arm covers and large dual pockets, which are convenient for storing a newspaper, book or television remote. Plus, with the hand control with a USB charger, you can easily charge your smart devices while you relax.

Position-Specific Elderly Power Lift Recliners

If you need a lift chair with specific positioning to meet your needs, visit Pride’s Position Guide. This convenient guide explains the different positions available on Pride’s power lift chairs for elderly people. Whether you need 2-position lift chairs or 3-position lift chairs, Pride has a power recliner for you. With True infinite position lift chairs, you can move the lift chair’s backrest independently from the footrest, allowing you to enjoy many activities, such as reading, relaxing, napping or watching television. Pride’s zero gravity lift chairs, which allow you to raise your thighs and lower legs higher than your torso, are great for people who have certain medical conditions.

Available Fabrics on Elderly Power Lift Chairs

Pride offers performance fabrics on its power lift chairs for elderly people. These fabrics are extremely durable, ensuring a lifetime of use. Crypton® Super Fabrics are spill-resistant while delivering a luxurious and contemporary look and feel. UltraLeather® Fabrics on elderly lift chairs are clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature change than genuine leather, ensuring greater comfort. Elderly power lift chairs are also available in Lexis Sta-Kleen® Fabrics, which feature a “stain shield” that is anti-bacterial and allows for spills to be wiped away easily. Learn more about the best fabric choices for elderly lift recliners.

With so many different collections, fabrics and positions, it’s clear that Pride Power Lift Recliners are the first choice for power lift chairs for elderly individuals. Even if you have limited space while living in a retirement community, we’re confident you can find a power lift chair that meets your needs. Ready to get started? Click here to find a local provider near you.