Consider Pride's Elderly Recliner Chairs

A lift chair is similar to a regular recliner yet has a few additional features. The biggest and most important difference between a lift chair and a regular recliner is that a lift chair contains a motorized lifting system, which allows the chair to lift the occupant of the elderly recliner chair into a seated or standing position quickly and easily. There are many elderly recliner chairs on the market, but Pride Elderly Recliner Chairs offer a variety of features in addition to the stand assist technology. Discover the benefits of Pride Lift Chairs. See the variety of positions that can be achieved and discover the array of fabric and color choices available to suit your home décor.

Benefits of an Elderly Recliner Chair

For those who have mobility challenges that make it hard for them to get out of a chair and stand up, an elderly recliner chair or lift chair is especially helpful. It can help provide convenience and safety for nurses, children of elderly parents and other caregivers who could otherwise risk injury to themselves or others by helping those with mobility challenges sit down or rise out of the chair. Learn about the breakthrough technology, dependable performance and maximum comfort of Pride Lift Chairs. Discover why you should choose Pride elderly recliner chairs.

Choosing the Right Lift Chair

Individuals will need to consider a few things when choosing lift chairs. This includes the price and any special features, such as massage or heat functions. Other items to consider are the different positions the chair can offer, how the chair will fit into the home, the weight of the individual, the fabric used, and more. Learn how to choose a power lift chair.

Positions of Elderly Recliner Chairs

The different positions an elderly recliner chair can achieve is an important thing to consider. Some chairs have 2-position, 3-position, and other lift chair models have infinite positioning. The zero-gravity position can be achieved on elderly recliner chairs that offer infinite positioning, allowing for your legs and thighs to be higher than your torso. The Trendelenburg position elevates your feet higher than your head, for greater comfort and relaxation. Some chairs even offer infinite lay-flat positioning, which can allow for the most comfort. Check out our elderly recliner chair position guide for more information.

Fabric Choices for Elderly Recliner Chairs

In addition to the many gorgeous fabrics that come standard with Pride Lift Chairs and VivaLift!® Power Recliners, optional performance fabrics are also available for purchase on many Pride Elderly Recliner Chairs. These durable fabrics ensure a lifetime of use. Crypton® Super Fabrics exude a luxurious and contemporary look, feel great, and are spill-resistant. For the look and feel of real leather, consider UltraLeather® Fabrics on your next elderly recliner chair. This fabric more resistant to temperature change compared to real leather, ensuring greater comfort. Elderly recliner chairs are also available in Lexis Sta-Kleen® Fabrics, which offer an anti-bacterial “stain shield” and allows for spills to be wiped away easily. Discover more about Pride elderly recliner chair fabrics. With so many options to choose from, as well as colors, it’s clear that elderly recliner chairs don’t have to be an eyesore. Pride Lift Chairs are beautiful, durable, dependable and can blend in perfectly with your existing furniture and decor.