The Most Comfortable Recliner Lift Chairs

As your elderly loved ones continue to age, you want to make sure they are comfortable and have an elderly chair lift that delivers the best in performance and comfort. With so many elderly lift chairs on the market today, it may seem overwhelming in choosing the right one that meets your loved one’s needs. Pride® Recliner Lift Chairs help your loved ones maintain their independence and mobility while ensuring maximum comfort.

Customizable Comfort on These Elderly Lift Chairs

Pride’s VivaLift!® Recliners offer innovative, state-of-the-art elderly chair technology that provides customizable comfort at the touch of a button. Equipped with a full-width power headrest, power lumbar and a footrest extension, VivaLift! Recliner Lift Chairs allow your loved one to adjust each function independently. The Tranquil elderly lift chair delivers complete relaxation and offers a choice of gorgeous, upscale fabrics. The soft-touch remote with USB port allows for easy charging of smart devices. The Atlas elderly chair lift features dual cup holders, so your loved one can easily reach their beverage. Plus, all VivaLift! elderly chairs include lithium battery backup to ensure the lift recliner remains operational when the power goes out. While your loved one enjoys lasting comfort, you enjoy full peace of mind with VivaLift! elderly lift chairs.

Recliner Lift Chairs with Body-Conforming Comfort

There is nothing better for your loved one than putting their feet up and relaxing in a great elderly chair. Pride’s Oasis Collection features elderly lift chairs that deliver the perfect blend of comfort and support to help them unwind. With an overstuffed, biscuit-back design, the Oasis recliner lift chairs offer body-conforming comfort. These elderly chairs feature sinuous, no-sag back springs for the perfect amount of flexibility and durability. The industry-exclusive, quad-pocket design on Oasis lift recliners for elderly individuals delivers convenient and accessible storage. The quad pocket is perfect for storing a newspaper, book or the television remote. While a variety of positions can be achieved with Oasis recliner lift chairs, the LC-580iM elderly chair and the LC-580iL recliner lift chair deliver true-infinite positioning.

Elderly Lift Chair Comfort Positions

Pride Recliner Lift Chairs offer an array of positions to help your loved one achieve maximum comfort and relaxation. Pride 2-position elderly lift chairs achieve a TV recline position, so it’s easy to watch television, read a book, work on a tablet, or enjoy conversation with family and friends. With 3-position elderly chairs, your loved one can experience a full recline to nap or fully relax. True-infinite position elderly chair lifts are perfect for taking a nap. Infinite position lift chairs enable the backrest and footrest to move independently from one another, so your loved one can achieve a variety of positions. Visit Pride’s lift chair position guide to learn about other comfort positions available with Pride’s lift chairs for elderly individuals.

Elderly Lift Chair Accessories for Absolute Comfort

It’s easy to enhance the comfort of lift chairs for elderly people. Pride’s elderly lift chair accessories are a great way to further increase the comfort and performance of your loved one’s elderly chair. The wireless remote, available as an option on the LC-380 elderly chair lift, offers the ability to operate the lift chair when the wired remote is out of reach. Pride’s Infinity Collection lift chairs for elderly individuals are available with the optional headrest pillow, so your loved one can enjoy even more head and neck support while they relax. Other great accessories available on Pride’s elderly lift chairs include the optional lumbar pillow and heat and massage. No matter what your loved one’s comfort needs are, Pride’s lift chairs for elderly individuals are available with optional accessories. It’s easy for your loved one to have an elderly chair customized to meet their needs.