Find the Best Wheelchairs for Elderly

How to Choose a Wheelchair for Elderly People

As your friends and loved ones get older, their mobility may become limited. With an electric wheelchair, they can maintain the best quality of life and continue doing the things they love to do. With so many motorized wheelchairs for the elderly on the market today, choosing one may seem overwhelming. When choosing the best wheelchairs for elderly individuals, it’s important to consider the needs of the user. Learn more about which electric wheelchair is best.

Types of Wheelchairs for Elderly Individuals

There are many different types of wheelchairs for elderly users. In choosing the right wheelchair for your loved one, consider how the motorized wheelchair will be used.

Lightweight electric wheelchairs can be portable and compact, designed to meet the needs of active people. When searching for the best power wheelchairs for the elderly, the Go Chair® electric wheelchair easily disassembles for greater convenience. Learn more about Pride’s lightweight electric wheelchairs.

Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are reliable and durable. Heavy-duty wheelchairs for elderly offer a higher weight capacity and ensure superior performance. Discover Pride’s lineup of heavy-duty power wheelchairs.

Designed for the bariatric market, bariatric power wheelchairs may be considered the best wheelchair for elderly individuals because they are equipped with upgraded motors for superior performance. When it comes to finding a wheelchair for the elderly, bariatric power wheelchairs may be a great option. See Pride’s available bariatric power wheelchairs.

Elevating power wheelchairs for elderly enhances mobility and provides greater access to their environment, enabling quick access to cabinets and shelves. The best wheelchairs for elderly individuals are ones that provide greater independence. Learn more about Pride’s elevating power wheelchairs.

Most Comfortable Wheelchairs for Elderly Users

Comfort is an important need for many wheelchair users. The best wheelchair for elderly users is one that offers ample cushioning and maximum support. The Jazzy Select® 6 electric wheelchair includes optional seating such as Synergy® Seating for greater comfort.

If having ample foot room is an important comfort need, consider the Jazzy® Passport power wheelchair, which features a large foot platform and a specialty foam seat design to accommodate a user’s comfort.

Easy-to-Use Wheelchairs for Elderly

When faced with how to choose a wheelchair for elderly loved ones, it’s important that they can operate the electric wheelchair. To ensure mobility can be achieved easily, an elderly wheelchair needs to be simple to operate. With effortless controls and performance-matched electronics, the complete line of Jazzy power wheelchairs is the best wheelchairs for elderly loved ones. These elderly wheelchairs feature intuitive controls for smooth and worry-free operation.

Accessories for Elderly Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs can be fun, stylish and reflect your loved one’s personality. There are a variety of accessories for wheelchairs for elderly individuals. Consider the saddlebag or a front or rear basket for ample storage space on an electric wheelchair. Decorate a motorized wheelchair with one of our military patches. No matter what you choose, our lineup of accessories for motorized wheelchairs can make the typical elderly wheelchair totally unique.

In your search for a power wheelchair for a loved one who struggles with mobility, remember to consider their needs. Are you ready to buy a motorized wheelchair? Click here to find a local provider in your area. You can also find answers to your questions about Medicare funding for power wheelchairs.