Lift Recliners for Elderly: Fabrics and Positions

Is there anything better than sitting down to relax in your favorite recliner and enjoying quiet activities such as emailing with friends or working on a crossword puzzle? That feeling of enjoyment may turn to panic when you realize that you cannot get out of the chair on your own due to mobility issues. Pride Mobility understands the needs of older people and those with physical challenges. In addition to their many other benefits, Pride lift recliners for elderly seniors enable individuals to achieve a standing position from a sitting position with the push of a button.

Why Choose Pride Lift Recliners for Elderly People

Why choose Pride Recliners? The answer is easy. Our chairs are not simply a lift recliner for elderly that can assist with standing and sitting. With so many collections to choose from, you can find the recliner that meets your every need. Consider our VivaLift!® Power Recliners. They come equipped with the ability to adjust the headrest, footrest, and lumbar support to the liking of the person sitting in the chair. For example, you can keep the head rest lying flat against the back of the chair or raise it several inches to provide you with maximum support. A footrest extension allows you to stretch your legs out as far as you would like. No matter how long you sit and relax in the chair, or even take a nap in it, our lumbar support means that your back is fully supported. In short, Pride Lift Recliners for elderly seniors and disabled individuals are the ultimate in style and performance® and deliver maximum comfort. Why settle for a regular recliner with stand assist? Learn more about our Power Lift Recliners.

Fabric Choices on These Lift Recliners for Elderly

Pride offers numerous fabric choices on our lift recliners for elderly individuals. The Atlas Lift Chair and Elegance Lift Chair from VivaLift!® Power Recliners comes standard with Badlands fabric. Choose from three colors: Mushroom, Steel, and Walnut. These beautiful, earth-tone colors will match your décor perfectly. The VivaLift! Infinity Lift Recliner for elderly seniors includes standard Durasoft fabric. Choose from Oat or Timber. The Legacy Lift Chair from the VivaLift! lineup offers gorgeous Saville fabric, with your choice of Brown, Grey and Wine colors. In addition, the VivaLift! Sierra Lift Recliner for elderly seniors and disabled individuals come with standard Stonewash fabric. Choose from Amber, Dune, and Mossy to find the perfect complement to your living room.

If you desire the look and feel of real leather, consider upgrading and purchase the Ultraleather® fabric for your lift recliner for elderly people. With a richly detailed grain pattern expressive of premium grade leather, Ultraleather provides a feeling that is soft and luxurious. A laboratory process that layers grain patterns to create depth and texture results in two-tone shading. Plus, UltraLeather is clinically proven to be more resistant to temperature changes compared to genuine leather or vinyl, ensuring greater comfort. Ultraleather also features an antimicrobial surface that cleans effortlessly with water and soap. Learn about other available fabrics on lift recliners for elderly seniors.

Which Position is Right for You?

Pride Lift Recliners for elderly individuals offer an array of positions to meet your needs. With so many Pride lift chair models to choose from, it may benefit you to decide what positions would benefit you most.

The 2-position (TV Recline) is perfect for watching television, reading a book or working on your tablet. With 3-position full recline, you can relax or take a nap. The true-infinite position allows the backrest and the footrest to move independently from each other, so you can achieve a variety of positions. View our lift chair position guide for more information on other positions achievable on Pride’s lift recliners for elderly seniors.