Durable Lifting Chairs Elderly People Will Love

Mobility. Most people don’t think much about it. It’s a silent part of their lives, like breathing. But when your mobility is difficult or limited, it’s constantly on your mind. Tasks that are simple or even automatic for others require effort and strategy. Other tasks may become dangerous or even impossible.

There’s good news, though: mobility technology is better than it’s ever been. Seniors and people with disabilities have many devices available that can increase their mobility. Lift chairs have been around for a while, but new technology makes them better than ever. A lift chair may be the key to increasing mobility for you or someone you love. If so, consider these three lifting chairs elderly people will love.

VivaLift!® Legacy Lift Chairs

The VivaLift!® Legacy Collection’s lift chairs are luxurious fabric-upholstered recliners that offer great comfort. Legacy chairs offer four different positions to keep you comfortable. Choose from infinite lay-flat, relaxed, reclined, and upward lift. Legacy lift chairs include a power headrest, power lumbar, and a power backrest for full support. The footrest extension offers greater comfort and ample leg room compared to other standard recliners. Legacy chairs are controlled using a USB remote and are equipped with a lithium backup battery. You don’t have to worry about being stuck in your chair in case of a power outage. The Legacy Lifting Chairs elderly individuals can own are available in Saville fabric with color choices of Brown, Grey, and Wine.

The Lifting Chair Elderly People Want

Tranquil Lift Chair by VivaLift! is another model of lifting chair elderly people will love. Tranquil lift chairs are a luxurious choice, featuring a high-quality leather finish with gorgeous contrast stitching. Tranquil lift chairs offer the same great features as the Legacy Collection, including power headrest, power lumbar, and power backrest and infinite, lay-flat positioning. Easily adjust the Tranquil Lifting Chair with the USB hand remote and charge your cell phone or tablet with ease while you read, nap or watch television. The Tranquil Lifting Chair is equipped with a lithium battery backup. This ensures that your lifting chair is operational even during a power outage. The Tranquil Lifting Chairs elderly seniors and disabled people can own are available in Astro fabric. Color options include Brown, Grey, and Mushroom.

Escape Collection Lifting Chairs

VivaLift! Escape Collection Lifting Chairs offer true infinite positioning, which allows the backrest and the footrest on this lifting chair to move independently from each other. You’ll enjoy an infinite number of positions on this lifting chair. The Escape Collection offers the same great features found on other VivaLift! models, including footrest extension, power headrest, power lumbar, and power backrest. Enjoy the convenience of the USB remote and peace of mind from the lithium backup battery. The Escape Lift Chair is cushioned using ultra-durable pocketed coil springs. Plus, this lifting chair elderly seniors and disabled people can own adjusts to achieve zero gravity and Trendelenburg positions, in addition to achieving true infinite positioning. The VivaLift! Escape Collection is available in standard Durasoft and optional Ultraleather fabrics. The Durasoft fabric includes color choices of Oat and Timber. Ultraleather fabric offers color choices of Buff or Fudge.

Compared to regular recliners you’ll find on the market, the VivaLift! line reveals an array of lifting chairs elderly people will love the most!