Most Comfortable Wheelchairs for Elderly People

It isn’t always easy to know what makes the most comfortable wheelchair for elderly. After all, one person’s idea of comfort may be the same as someone else’s. Pride Mobility® offers three styles of wheelchairs with a range of different features. If you or a loved one are searching for a new motorized wheelchair that exudes comfort and style, be sure to read more about each of these products below.

Jazzy® Passport Electric Wheelchair

One of the most comfortable wheelchairs for elderly seniors is also extremely portable! The Jazzy® Passport is a lightweight, compact electric wheelchair is easy to fold for traveling or storing at home. It provides plenty of room for the user’s legs and includes a foot platform that is wide enough for the user’s feet so they feel comfortable. The Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair has a large back pocket with ample storage space for mail, books, or whatever else the user needs to carry. This power wheelchair also comes with a mesh storage bag underneath the seat, a cupholder, and a safety belt. The seat of this chair is made from specialty foam for extra comfort on those long, busy days of traveling.

Jazzy Select® 6 2.0 Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy Select Electric Wheelchair is unlike any wheelchair you’ve seen! It is trim, sporty, and offers superior performance. The rider can use the Jazzy Select indoors or outdoors and expect the same smooth and stable ride. This model comes with a high-back seat for added comfort. The seat also folds flat, perfect for storage. Additionally, the high-back seat comes with replaceable back and seat covers.

The foot platform on this wheelchair is adjustable by height to ensure foot stability and comfort. Its tires do not leave marks behind whether used inside on the kitchen floor or at the grocery store. The wheelchair helps to keep itself clean with a shroud that repels dirt and dust. As a power wheelchair with joystick operation, the Jazzy Select comes with a safety belt that expands to 60 inches.

Jazzy® Sport 2 Motorized Wheelchair

In-line motor technology and front-wheel drive are not usually terms people think of to describe a wheelchair. However, the Jazzy® Sport Motorized Wheelchair is in a class of its own. Its sleek shape makes it extremely maneuverable whether the user has it inside or outside. The simple frame allows for easy servicing, especially with an access door on the back of the wheelchair that makes changing the batteries a snap. The controller of the Jazzy Sport is highly intuitive for effortless operation. Finally, an adjustable high-back seat with headrest ensures maximum comfort for the user.

Purchasing the Most Comfortable Wheelchair for Elderly

Once you’ve decided what is the best power wheelchair to meet your comfort needs, you may be wondering where you can buy it! Here is how to purchase an electric wheelchair by Pride Mobility. Look for the “Where to Buy” button at the top of and click on it. Next, enter your zip code or the zip code of your loved one. This will bring up a list of power wheelchair retailers who sell Pride® products near your location. The listing for each provider will indicate the name, street address, telephone number and more. The buyer can contact the provider directly or request the provider contact them.