How to Choose a Scooter for Elderly Seniors

Scooters for the elderly can provide people with age-related mobility issues much greater freedom in getting around at home and out in the community. However, making the decision to buy one for yourself or a loved one is only the first step. You also need to determine the most important features you would like the scooter for elderly to have.

How to Select Scooters for Elderly People

One of the most basic decisions when buying a mobility scooter is whether it should have three or four wheels. The person who will be using the scooter should be the one to consider the preferred speed, how far he or she will travel with it, and the ways in which he or she will use the scooter the most. Some of the most important benefits of selecting three-wheel scooters for the elderly is that they offer the most legroom, can make sharp turns around corners, and work well on indoor surfaces. Four-wheel scooters are typically more appropriate for outdoor use since they have a broader wheelbase and distribute the rider’s weight more evenly than three-wheel scooters do. Learn more about selecting scooters for the elderly.

Pride Mobility® offers three unique types of scooters that meet different needs for older people with walking difficulties. We outline the prominent features of each below.

Go-Go Elite Traveller® Scooter for Elderly

The Go-Go Elite Traveller® scooter for the elderly is lightweight, compact, and drives easily in tight spaces. It can hold up to 300 pounds of weight, including the user and anything that he or she places in the basket attached to the tiller of the scooter. Transporting this scooter is simple because it pulls apart into five separate pieces for easy storage and moving from one place to another. Other features include:

  • Changeable shrouds in blue or red colors
  • Tires do not leave scuff marks
  • Dual battery charger for on-board or off-board use
  • Charger port located directly on the scooter’s tiller

The Most Maneuverable Scooter for the Elderly Population

While driving the Jazzy® Zero Turn scooter for elderly, the driver can easily maneuver in small spaces such as hallways and elevators. This model holds up to 325 pounds and provides the same sharp turning abilities as a three-wheel scooter. Like the Go-Go Elite Traveller, this model disassembles easily into five pieces for transport or storage. Other features that make it unique include:

  • Choose from six shroud colors that are interchangeable
  • Storage space under the seat
  • LED lighting for night travel
  • Ability to charge your smartphone from the scooter
  • Dual motors to provide a smooth ride over rough terrain
  • Ability to operate the scooter one-handed while resting your wrist

The Most Rugged of Scooters for the Elderly

Unlike other scooters for the elderly, the Revo™ 2.0 Scooter can handle more rugged terrain and is designed for durability when driving over varied surfaces. The Revo 2.0 reaches speeds of up to five miles per hour. It is easy to disassemble and comes with scuff-free tires. Other features of this model include:

  • User-friendly console
  • Adjustable tiller
  • Tie-down points when transporting the scooter assembled and unoccupied
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Stylish design of rear bumper while also offering extreme durability
  • USB charging port to power a smart device

This model also offers an attached basket, under-seat storage, and battery charging on or off the unit.

Pride Mobility likes to give our customers as many options as possible with scooters for elderly. Please contact us with questions about these or other products.