Geriatric Care and Mobility Equipment

How to Choose a Wheelchair for Elderly People

As people age, they tend to require more health care than the average person. Enter geriatric care, which is health care that is focused on geriatrics, or the older population. The definition of geriatric is a branch of medicine focused on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in older people, as well as problems specific to aging. Geriatric care can often involve a geriatrician making recommendations to help those who experience limited mobility. You may ask, what is geriatrician? These are doctors that specialize in treating individuals of the geriatric age. Recommendations made by a physician for mobility products ensure that the geriatric population continues to live a full and active life.

Geriatric Recliners and Geriatric Chairs

The elderly population may struggle with getting in and out of a chair. They may also have a severe medical condition that requires their feet to be elevated. Regardless of the reason, what is geriatrician’s solution? They write a prescription for a geriatric recliner or geriatric chair. These motorized recliners lift an individual from the sitting to the standing position easily and provide greater comfort. Many geriatric recliners also offer additional standard features to make the geriatric chair even more appealing. Pride has a fabulous selection of geriatric recliners that are durable and designed to meet the needs of many geriatric individuals. Get more information on geriatric recliners.

Geriatric Scooters for Geriatric Age Individuals

The definition of geriatric may imply many things to many people, but it doesn’t mean elderly individuals can’t lead fulfilled and independent lives. A doctor may recommend a geriatric scooter to make it easier for geriatric individuals to move around their home, their property, or complete basic tasks such as grocery shopping or running errands in town. There are numerous geriatric scooters on the market. Pride offers some of the best-performing geriatric scooters with exceptional features that appeal to everyone. Consider your needs to determine what geriatric scooter works best for you. Learn more about geriatric scooters.

Geriatric care is designed to help the aging population live better lives, even with limited mobility. Geriatrics consist of a large portion of our population, so it’s important they continue to remain independent.