Geri Chairs for Elderly Seniors

If you or a loved one is looking for a Geri chair (or geriatric chair), the number of options out there can be overwhelming. Here’s a quick guide to the three main types of Geri chairs for elderly seniors.

Heat and Massage Geri Chairs for Elderly Folks

One of the categories of Geri chairs for elderly seniors is lift chairs with heat and massage. While all Pride motorized recliners lift the user from a seated to a standing position quickly and safely, there are some Pride Lift Chairs that come with the option to add heat and massage for greater customization. These Geri chairs with heat and massage are perfect for seniors who are frequently cold or need heat and massage to find relief from aching and tired muscles. Heat and massage Geri chairs are available with 2-position, 3-position, and infinite-position models.

The Oasis Collection’s Geri chairs for elderly individuals that are available with optional heat and massage offer a quad pocket design that gives you two pockets for convenient extra storage. These chairs offer contoured memory foam seating, pocketed coils, and no-sag back springs. The Infinity Collection Lift Chairs are all available with optional heat and massage and come standard with integrated battery backup and a lumbar pillow. Several models on the Heritage Collection offer heat and massage as an option. These Geri chairs for elderly seniors also feature Total Comfort Seating (an outstanding innovation in comfort) and an easy-to-use remote.

Infinite-Position Geri Chairs for Elderly Seniors

Geri chairs for elderly seniors also come in infinite-position lift models. All VivaLift!® Recliners by Pride are built with an all-steel lift frame which has a lifetime warranty. This frame delivers smooth, quiet functionality. Infinite-position lift chairs are perfect for seniors who need more than two or three positioning options. These chairs are equipped with power lumbar, power headrest and lithium battery backup.

Many VivaLift! Geri chairs are available and choosing the right one is as simple as determining which features are most important to you. The Atlas Geri Chair for elderly people comes with two cup holders built into the chair. The Elegance Lift Chair series is furnished in luxurious Badlands fabric. If your home has a more contemporary style, the VivaLift! Perfecta Collection has the styling to match with its narrower, button-back design. Each of these models has a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds, making the VivaLift! lineup of infinite-position chairs appealing to many different people.

3-Position Geri Chairs for Elderly

3-position Geri chairs for elderly seniors puts individuals in an ideal position for napping or relaxing. Watch television, read a book, or enjoy conversation with family and friends while sitting in one of these premium 3-position Geri chair collections: Oasis, Essential and Heritage Collections.

The Oasis 3-Position Power Recliner provides effective support using pocketed coil springs overlaid with contoured memory foam. Enjoy an overstuffed, biscuit-back design and unique quad pocket for plenty of storage space.

The Heritage Collection Lift Recliners offer a variety of features, including Total Comfort Seating and a removable back. The Heritage Collection also boasts FirstUp® technology, which offers 50% faster lift speed compared to other lift chairs on the market.

The Essential collection’s lift chairs include a two-button hand control for simple operation. These Geri chairs also feature ample storage and rolled armrests for a contemporary finish.

Whatever kind of Geri chair you’re looking for, we can help. Contact a local dealer today to learn more!