Geriatric Chair Definition and Types

The geriatric chair definition is a large, padded chair that is designed to help seniors with limited mobility. When compared to transport chairs, geriatric chairs are easier to lounge in because they are roomier. These chairs are also cushioned and can recline. The Geri chair definition allows for a lot of user benefits. It can help create a sense of independence since these chairs are designed to help those with mobility issues stand and sit without the need of a helping hand. These chairs can also help reduce the risk of injury. Lift chairs can be adjustable to a comfortable seating position, so the elderly person doesn’t have to strain his or her back or other muscles when wanting to sit down or stand up. These chairs also help reduce the risk of falling, which can also help reduce injuries. Without one of these chairs, then a caregiver will need to help the elderly person sit down and stand up. With these chairs, caregivers can spend more time focusing on other needs instead of having to stop what they are doing to help with moving their patients or loved ones into different positions.

Geriatric Chairs with Heat and Massage

One of the greatest features to have in geriatric chairs is heat and massage. Heat and massage geriatric chairs are built to combine durability and flexibility, as well as to deliver full support and comfort. Heat and massage can help you become more comfortable in the chair. Both elements can help soothe aching muscles that come along with age or other injuries that someone may be experiencing. Heat and massage may help with arthritis, blood circulation, low and high blood pressure, insomnia, and back pain. Many of the geriatric chairs also contain convenient storage pockets. Storage pockets allow individuals to have easy access to their stuff without the need to stand up. These chairs have different fabrics and colors to match the décor already in the home.

Infinite Position Geriatric Chairs

Infinite position geriatric chairs help provide the most in style and performance. These chairs are motorized with an all-steel lift frame that is backed by a lifetime warranty. The motor helps provide smooth and quiet operation. A true infinite position lift chair allows for a number of different positions, including one that is perfect for napping. The infinite position geriatric chair will allow the backrest and footrest to move independently, so many different positions can be reached. Whether an individual wants to sit up to read or watch TV or wants to have the right position for a comfortable nap, these chairs help provide the most comfort. On certain models, you can achieve the Trendelenburg position, which can elevate feet higher than the head for better relaxation and comfort.

3-Position Lift Chairs

A 3-position geriatric chair is great for either relaxing or comfort. These chairs also deliver superior performance. Many geriatric chairs feature pocketed coil springs to provide individualized support and are durable to offer worry-free operation for years to come. These chairs also feature storage pockets for convenience. Some chairs offer a Total Comfort Seating with unique spring design, to increase comfort. There are many fabric choices available on 3-position geriatric chairs, as well as an array of colors.

By understanding the Geri chair definition, you can find a Geri chair that benefits you and your lifestyle. Chairs can be suited to different weights and heights, to ensure any individual can experience a comfortable and luxurious Geri chair.

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