The Best Geriatric Chairs

As your loved ones grow older, keeping them mobile and comfortable can be a challenge. However, Geriatric chairs can make all the difference. Whether your loved one is at home or living in an assisted living community or nursing home, Geriatric chairs provide the comfort and support needed to do the things he or she loves. Your loved one can watch a movie, talk on the phone, read a book, take a nap or just relax in the comfort of a specially made chair.

Geriatric Chair Definition

What exactly is a Geriatric chair? Let’s discuss the geriatric chair definition. Generally, a Geri chair is a large, padded chair that either has wheels at its base, a lift, or both. It is crafted to assist seniors and disabled individuals who have limited mobility. Unlike transport chairs, a Geri chair is more comfortable, roomier, and easier to lounge in. Also, they typically provide a reclining option for optimum relaxation.

Are Geri Chairs Covered by Medicare?

In certain situations, Medicare will cover a portion of the cost of a Geriatric chair. In fact, according to Medicare Part B, insurance will typically cover only the lift part of the Geriatric chair as long as a doctor deems it necessary for the patient. Most Geri chairs for elderly patients fit into this category due to the conditions often faced by aging loved ones, such as severe arthritis. However, other parts of the chair, such as a reclining option, are not considered medically necessary and, therefore, will not be covered by Geri chair Medicare. If you're in the market for a Geri chair and want to know whether Geri chairs are covered by Medicare, it is best to contact your Medicare provider directly to get a better idea of what they will and won't cover when it comes to Geri chair Medicare.

Choosing Comfortable Geri Chairs for Elderly Seniors

When it comes time to choose the right Geriatric chair, also known as a bariatric Geri chair, it's important to take into consideration what your elderly loved one needs. If they're looking for added comfort and support, the Heritage Collection offers two bariatric Geri chairs, the LC-358XL, and the LC-358XXL. The LC-358XL geriatric chair offers a 500-lb. weight capacity, while the LC-358XXL Geri chair features a 600-lb. weight capacity. Sinuous Spring Seating provides maximum support and strength. Plus, combined with the premium furniture-grade hardwood/laminate frame, these bariatric Geri chairs are built to last.

Quiet Geri Chairs for Elderly Loved Ones

While you want the Geri chair your loved one uses to be powerful, a quiet and smooth running Geri chair is also desirable. the Heritage Collection’s two bariatric Geri chairs, LC-358XL and the LC-358XXL, offer both a quiet lift system along with a heavy-duty lift actuator. Integrated battery backup ensures peace of mind when the power goes out. Your chair remains operational and is able to lift you safely.

Stylish Bariatric Geri Chair for Elderly

Geriatric chairs don’t have to be plain or unattractive. Pride offers stylish bariatric Geri chairs with a choice of fabrics and colors. Geri chairs LC-358XL and the LC-358XXL in the Heritage Collection come standard with Cloud 9 fabric, with your choice of four colors, including Black Cherry, Pacific, Stone and Walnut. You can also choose optional fabrics, including Lexis Sta-Kleen®, Ultraleather™, and Crypton Aria® fabrics, with each offering an array of color choices to suite your taste.