The Best Geriatric Recliners

Have you ever visited an assisted living facility or nursing home in which elderly residents were slumped over in their recliners, leaning to one side with bad posture or struggling with pillows trying to prop themselves up? Or maybe you experience this with your own loved one in their home or yours? The issue here is that because mobility may decline as we age, seniors spend more time sitting than others. Many modern chairs aren't designed to comfortably support their bodies. The result? Seniors with bad posture and tons of discomfort sitting in chairs that might otherwise look comfortable. The solution? Pride’s Geriatric Recliners.

The Difference Geriatric Recliners Make

Geriatric recliners, also known as Geri chair recliners, are large and well-padded recliners that were specifically designed for seniors and those patients who are suffering from reduced mobility following an illness or surgery. They are easy to get in and out of and allow the person sitting in it to sit comfortably while also being fully supported. In other words, the best geriatric recliners are designed with the perspective of seniors in mind.

Geriatric Recliners with Comfort and Support

When choosing a geriatric recliner for an elderly loved one, arguably the most import aspect will be firm and comfortable support. Remember, because seniors generally have reduced mobility, they tend to be sitting for longer periods of time and so it's important to purchase a geriatric recliner that offers long-term comfort. Pride’s Heritage Collection offers two geriatric recliners, the LC-358XL and the LC-358XXL. The LC-358XL geriatric recliner features a weight capacity up to 500 pounds, while the LC-358XXL Geri chair recliner offers a 600-lb. weight capacity. Both these recliners are equipped with Sinuous Spring Seating for exceptional strength and support. Each Geri chair recliner is engineered with premium furniture-grade hardwood/laminate frames for long-lasting durability year after year.

Easy to Use Geriatric Recliners for Seniors

In addition to being comfortable, geriatric recliners of today's modern day also have the advantage of being easy to use. Both Heritage Geri chair recliner models come with a convenient and easy-to-use hand control with soft-touch buttons and nice contours that make it easy to hold. At the press of a button, you or your loved one can adjust the position on the geriatric recliner. This hand control is equipped with a USB charger port, perfect for charging a cell phone, tablet or other compatible electronic device.

The Quietest Geriatric Recliners

Today’s latest innovations in geriatric recliners have resulted in recliners that deliver smooth and quiet performance. Pride’s two bariatric recliners, LC-358XL and the LC-358XXL, are built with a heavy-duty lift actuator and strong yet quiet lift system. These geriatric recliners also include integrated battery backup. This allows the recliner to operate even when the power goes out.

Contemporary Geri Chair Recliners for Elderly

If you’re looking for a Geri recliner that exudes style and class, Pride offers bariatric recliners with gorgeous fabrics and colors. Geri chair recliners LC-358XL and the LC-358XXL from Pride’s Heritage Collection come standard with beautiful Cloud 9 fabric. Choose from Black Cherry, Pacific, Stone and Walnut color options. If you or your elderly loved one desire a different type of fabric, consider the optional Lexis Sta-Kleen® fabric with four color choices. If you desire the look and feel of real leather, the Ultraleather™ fabric might suit your taste, with five color choices.