Find the Perfect Geriatric Wheelchair

Finding the perfect geriatric wheelchair will depend on the different features and individual needs. Geriatric wheelchairs are great for those who have limited mobility but still want to maintain some independence. Wheelchairs that are heavy duty can be ideal for the elderly, depending on the individual, while lightweight chairs can be useful for those who need to travel more.

Heavy-Duty Geriatric Wheelchairs

The Jazzy® 1450 Geriatric Wheelchair offers heavy-duty construction and an upgraded motor to reach speeds up to 4.5 mph. It features a weight limit of up to 600 pounds, making it a good fit for many different individuals, and it also comes with extended seat sizes. The extra-large footplate on the Jazzy 1450 provides comfort and support no matter who is using the chair. It combines climbing capabilities with anti-tip wheels, making it easier to transition over grade changes and handling various terrains.

Elevating Geriatric Wheelchairs

The Jazzy Air® Motorized Wheelchair can elevate 10 inches in just 16 seconds, making this a great wheelchair choice for those who need to have access to tables, cabinets, shelves, or counters. With its impressive lifting capabilities, it also has speeds up to 3.5 mph and can drive 18.4 miles on a single charge. With its long-lasting battery, the Jazzy Air is good for individuals who will be away from home base for a while. At the same time, Active-Trac® Suspension ensures a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors. The armrests are adjustable at an angle, as well as the height and depth, in order to ensure user comfort at all times. Users can elevate or lower the chair while on the move, making it even easier to operate the wheelchair.

The Most Portable Geriatric Wheelchair

The Go Chair® Geriatric Wheelchair provides greater independence and is one of the best chairs for portability. It has feather touch disassembly, making it easier to take the chair with you no matter where you go. It will dissemble into five lightweight pieces for storage and transport, with the heaviest piece only being 36 pounds. The convenient under seat storage will keep personal items close at hand. It provides comfortable seating with a five-point swivel seat that is adjustable and a large footplate for greater comfort. There are six different color shrouds to choose from.

The Easiest Geriatric Wheelchairs to Operate

The Jazzy® Elite 14 Motorized Wheelchair has both great outdoor capability and excellent maneuverability indoors. The 14-inch drive wheels, along with front wheel drive, gives the Jazzy Elite 14 Geriatric Wheelchair good outdoor performance, while still allowing you to make turns around tight corners. The large front wheels also absorb a lot of the shock over obstacles. This power wheelchair has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds and the 14-inch tires provide superior traction. This geriatric wheelchair is great for those who need mobility for both indoor and outdoor use. With the color-through shroud, any scratches and dirt are less visible, so the power wheelchair looks great for years to come. The easy access freewheel lever makes it better for caregiver assistance. There is also a 50-amp controller with intuitive hand control, making it easy to operate the Jazzy Elite 14.

Ready to purchase one of these exceptional power wheelchairs?  It’s so easy to buy Pride® Geriatric Wheelchairs. Go to the website and use the "Where to Buy" button to find retailers in your area that are selling Pride geriatric wheelchairs. There is also the option to purchase online at e-commerce retailers Be sure to check that the retailer accepts Medicare or your insurance if you are using either of those to pay for a geriatric wheelchair.