Types of Geri Chairs to Meet Your Needs

For those with physical limitations, everyday tasks can seem impossible. Even with the help of a caregiver, things like getting dressed, bathing, and meal times are still tough to negotiate. Geriatric chairs and recliners, often called Geri chairs can restore your independence.

Geri chairs are designed to be comfortable, luxurious and adjustable to different angles for maximum functionality. These Geri chairs are also designed to be stylish, sophisticated and durable. Enjoy the benefits of a Geri chair for years to come, with worry-free operation and performance. Buyers can choose a Geri chair that offers extra support, beautiful fabrics, and make life easier for people with limited mobility. These three types of Geri chairs are some of the most popular models on the market today.

High Weight Capacity Geri Chairs

Individuals who need a chair with a larger weight capacity can get what they need with Pride’s high weight capacity Geri chairs.  These lift chairs ensure that individuals fit comfortably and are fully supported. Plus, when they need help sitting or standing, the stand assist lift mechanism on Geri chairs helps ensure that those with limited mobility can sit and stand safely, without putting a strain on a caregiver or loved one. High weight capacity lift chairs are built to last, with an all steel lift frame that is backed by a lifetime warranty.

The LC-358XXL Heritage Geri Chair supports weights of up to 600 lbs. The button-back style on this Geri chair offers exceptional comfort, and the Sinuous Spring seating provides maximum support. These types of Geri chairs also feature a quiet and smooth lift system with integrated battery backup.

Zero Gravity Positioning Lift Chairs

With zero gravity Geri chairs from Pride, an individual can position his or her lower legs and thighs so that they are higher than his or her torso. Zero gravity lift chairs distribute body weight throughout the chair, so gravity places less stress on some areas of the body. Zero gravity is achievable on infinite position Geri chairs. Out of all types of Geri chairs, infinite positioning ensures numerous positions can achieved for comfort and support.

An Urbana Geri Chair from the VivaLift!® Collection features innovative technology that allows a high degree of positioning power. The power headrest, power lumbar support, and footrest extension all move for maximum positioning. The Urbana Collection is contemporary, making it the perfect addition for any condo, apartment, home or office.

Heat and Massage Lift Chairs

The power of massage to soothe stiff and achy muscles is well known. With optional heat and massage Geri chairs, individuals can experience greater comfort and relaxation that also helps to loosen and soothe body aches and pains.

A Geri chair from the Oasis Collection is available with optional heat and massage in a beautifully upholstered package. A simple remote control allows users to control the temperature and motion for their best experience.  These heat and massage lift chairs also include dual pockets for all the necessities that enhance relaxation time. Spend just a few minutes in a heat and massage Geri chair and experience all the great comfort benefits these chairs offer.

No matter what types of Geri chairs you need, there is a sure to be a lift chair that can help you regain some measure of independence while also bringing you joy and comfort in your home.