What a Geri Chair is Used For

A Geri chair is a useful addition to a clinical environment or home where a patient needs more substantial seating than what is provided by a conventional wheelchair. Geri chairs are great for the elderly, but they can also be used in any situation where comfortable seating is important. Everyone deserves to be comfortable! Discover the different types of Geri chairs that are available to help you in your next Geri chair purchase.

What Is a Geri Chair Used For?

You may ask yourself, what is a Geri chair used for? The answer is that these chairs are useful for those with mobility issues and can also be used for bedridden patients who have difficulty sitting upright in a conventional wheelchair. A Geri chair provides them with a safe and comfortable way to get out of bed and enjoy a different change of scenery. While getting out of bed and sitting in a chair can often be an uncomfortable and challenging situation to someone who is bedridden, a Geri chair can help. Determining what is a Geri chair used for can help you find the right one for your needs. There are different types of chairs and each provides its own benefits.

High Weight Capacity Power Lift Chairs

A high weight capacity Geri chair is built to last. These are motorized recliners that feature an all-steel lift frame that is backed by a lifetime warranty. Since these chairs are engineered from robust materials, including wooden frame composed of engineered furniture-grade laminate/hardwood, they can help you ensure worry-free operation for years to come. Many of these chairs come with convenient storage pockets to hold small items such as the television remote, a newspaper or magazine. The high weight capacity lift chairs from the Heritage Collection offer a variety of fabric options to choose from to make sure the chair blends in with the rest of your decor. These chairs also provide quiet and smooth operation with a heavy-duty actuator and scissor mechanism.

Zero Gravity Position Lift Chairs

Infinite position Geri chairs will allow you to achieve a zero-gravity position that has a lot of benefits. Zero gravity lift chairs position an individual’s lower legs and thighs higher than his or her torso. These chairs distribute your body weight throughout the chair, which means gravity places less stress on some areas of your body. VivaLift!® Power Recliners can achieve zero gravity positioning for excellent comfort and support, such as the Atlas Power Recliner with its dual cup holders. Also, infinite position Geri chairs allow for other positions to be achieved, such as the Trendelenburg position, which elevates the user’s feet higher than his or her head, for greater comfort and relaxation.

3 Position Lift Chairs

Three-position Geri chairs that can achieve three different positions help provide a space that works for reading, watching television, relaxing or napping. These chairs allow for individualized support and comfort and are engineered to last for years to come, delivering dependable and worry-free performance. The Pride Heritage Collection offers 3 position Geri chairs with standard head and arm covers and a removable back, allowing you to adjust the filling of your chair. These Geri chairs offer dual pocket storage, perfect for holding the television remote, a newspaper, magazine or tablet. Rolled armrests add a perfect touch of tailored, contemporary style.