Find the Perfect Electric Handicapped Scooter

If you’re dissatisfied with your (or your loved one’s) current electric handicapped scooter, maybe it’s time to consider some of the best recent innovations in scooter technology. New features like Pride’s patented ITurn Technology®, Comfort-Trac® Suspensions and more can turn your lackluster scooter experience into something truly exciting. Here are four models of electric scooter for handicapped people that are equipped with new, desirable features. Find the one that’s perfect for you or your loved one!

Jazzy® Zero Turn Electric Handicapped Scooter

Finally, an electric handicapped scooter that can turn in tight spaces! The Jazzy Zero Turn features revolutionary iTurn Technology®, which allows users to maneuver tight spaces with precision like never before. The Jazzy Zero Turn has many other great features too, including feather-touch disassembly, Comfort-Trac® Suspension, under seat storage, a USB charging port for charging your mobile phone, and full LED lighting. This scooter also features an ergonomic tiller that allows for one-handed operation. Some other great benefits of the Jazzy Zero Turn include:

  • Top speed: up to 4 mph
  • Maximum weight capacity: up to 325 pounds
  • Turning radius: 38.25 inches
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 10 miles

Maxima Handicapped Electric Scooters

If you’re looking for a value-priced heavy duty electric scooter for handicapped, the Maxima is for you. Available in three-wheel and four-wheel models, the scooter is designed for the needs of the bariatric community. Enjoy an ergonomic seat and a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds. The standard front basket and front console are user-friendly, and the ultra, heavy-duty drivetrain will keep the Maxima running strong for years to come. The Maxima also has an easily-adjustable tiller for maximum comfort. Other features of the Maxima include:

Top speed: up to 5.3 mph
Turning radius: 54 inches
Maximum range per charge: up to 16 miles
Go-Go® LX with CTS Handicapped Electric Scooter
If you’re looking for handicapped electric scooters that provide a great ride over varied terrain, check out the Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension. This is the electric handicapped scooter of choice for those who love to stay active and enjoy some time outdoors. The CTS Suspension gives a great, smooth ride on various types of terrain. And feather-touch disassembly means you can easily transport your Go-Go, as it disassembles into five lightweight pieces. This scooter features standard LED lighting and an ergonomic delta tiller that allows for one-handed operation. Some other great features include:

  • Top speed: up to 4.4 mph
  • Maximum weight capacity: up to 300 pounds T
  • Turning radius: 44.75 inches
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 8.6 miles (12AH) or 12.6 miles (18AH)

Pursuit® Electric Scooter for Handicapped People

For the serious outdoor enthusiast, Pursuit® handicapped electric scooters are the best choice. This scooter combines luxury and great outdoor performance into a highly desirable package. It has a four-pole motor that gives you extra power, and its increased ground clearance lets you traverse rougher terrain. It’s fast, too, topping out at up to 8 miles per hour. And then there’s the luxury of a reclining high-back seat with headrest, infinitely-adjusting tiller, and a full lighting package make this a great machine. Some of the Pursuit’s other great benefits:

  • Top speed: up to 8 mph
  • Maximum weight capacity: up to 400 pounds
  • Turning radius: 67.75 inches
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 14 miles (NF-22) or 19 miles (G24)

Whether you’re looking for maneuverability, bariatric accommodation, all-around comfort, or outdoor luxury, we have the handicapped electric scooters you need. Contact us today to get started.