The Best Handicap Electric Scooters

People often rely on handicap electric scooters to get around. Their mobility has declined over the years and they need the help of an electric handicap scooter to function in their daily lives. However, many people do not consider the importance of picking the right electric handicapped scooter. You want to purchase a scooter that fits you and meets your needs. Fortunately, Pride has a guide that will help you pick the scooter that suits you best to improve your mobility and enhance your life.

Pursuit XL 4-Wheel

This Pursuit Scooter is a fantastic handicapped electric scooter. This handicapped electric scooter provides a combination of precision and power that allows you to take control of your mobility. It comes with a 24-volt DC motor and full suspension for easy and smooth rides. This scooter can reach up to 5.3 mph and has a 400-lb. weight capacity. There are even luxury features available to help improve the overall value of your electric scooter such as a high-back pillow top seat and LED lighting to improve visibility when you are outdoors. Here are some other features of the handicapped electric scooter:

  • The scooter comes with a 200-amp microprocessor-based control to give you complete control when you need to move
  • Reclining high-back seat that comes with a headrest and sliders for easy adjustment
  • Hydraulic handbrake to stop your scooter safely

Raptor 3-Wheel

Have you ever wanted to fly in style? Now is your chance! This Raptor Scooter is one of those electric handicap scooters that allows you to drive around your retirement community. The electric scooter for handicapped people offers speeds up to 14 mph and has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds. This Raptor Scooter comes with LED lighting on the front and the back for complete visibility. This scooter also allows you to drive up to 31 miles per charge.  Here are some other features of the scooter.

  • Two rear-view mirrors for complete visibility
  • Front and rear suspension making it a reliable electric scooter for handicapped individuals
  • Front storage compartment to store your valuables when you go on a trip

Maxima 3-Wheel

An electric scooter for handicapped individuals should be practical yet stylish. This Maxima electric handicap scooter comes in blue and red shrouds and provides a convenient basket on the front of the scooter for great storage. This 3-wheel scooter has a maximum weight capacity of up to 500 lbs. and can reach speeds up to 5.3 mph. Other features of this scooter include:

  • A durable rear polyurethane bumper
  • 110-amp controller to give you more power on your electric handicapped scooter
  • A user-friendly console that anyone can learn in minutes

Victory 10 4-Wheel

Electric handicap scooters provide the user with extra comfort and improved performance. This Victory electric handicap scooter comes with a backlit battery gauge, LED pathway lights, front basket for storing your valuables, and a 400-lb. weight capacity. This scooter can reach up to 4.3 mph and is perfect for someone looking to gain extra precision on the sidewalk or around their home. You can expect to find these features included in the electric handicapped scooter as well:

  • Delta tiller that provides wraparound handles
  • Maximum-intensity LED headlight that provides incredible lighting for people who have difficulty seeing in the dark
  • Easy access tiller-mounted charging port