Available Handicap Scooter Accessories by Pride

With the use of an electric scooter, limited mobility no longer needs to slow down or restrict the freedom of you or your loved ones. Mobility scooters come with a variety of features and are also available with a number of accessories, allowing you to customize your own apparatus to fit your specifications. Handicapped scooter accessories, such as those distributed by Pride, help you make the most of your motorized scooter so it becomes full of possibilities instead of limitations.

Pride’s Go-Go Sport mobility scooter is brimming with features and ready to travel, capable of driving at a speed of up to 4.7 mph. You can also purchase accessories from Pride such as a cane clip attachment, walker holder, wishbone crutch holder, single cane/crutch holder, or double can/crutch holder to easily transport any mobility aids you regularly use on your electric scooter. The Go-Go Sport, with standard LED lighting and non-scuffing tires, is also compatible with additional accessories, such as under-seat storage, an oxygen holder, a rear basket, and a saddlebag, so you are never without the items you need the most. Other handicap scooter accessories designed for the Go-Go Sport include a safety flag, lap belt, rearview mirror, and weather cover, all of which makes this truly a travel-ready scooter that can help you or loved ones achieve a greater sense of freedom.

Pride’s versatile Victory 10 electric scooter is also designed to enhance your active lifestyle by giving you the best in comfort, performance and style. The Victory 10 motorized scooter—which can drive up to 5.3 mph and each has a weight capacity up to 400 lbs.—also can be augmented with accessories such as the cane clip attachment, single cane/crutch holder, double cane/crutch holder, and/or walker holder. You never have to be disconnected, thanks to the Ram® X-Grip® cellphone holder, and you can charge your important devices while you travel with the XLR USB charger. Protect your scooter from the elements with a weather breaker and weather cover. The Victory 10 is also compatible with handicapped scooter accessories such as the rear basket, cup holder, oxygen holder, rearview mirror, and safety flag.

If you desire heavy duty performance at an exceptional value, look no further than Pride’s Maxima scooter, equipped with ultra-heavy duty drivetrain, an ergonomically enhanced design, a durable rear polyurethane bumper, and a large, deep seat. Outfitted with black, flat-free, non-marking tires, the Maxima features a weight capacity up to 500 lbs., with driving speeds up to 5.25 mph. If this mobility scooter’s standard front basket does not provide enough storage space, you can supplement with accessories such as the saddlebag or rear basket. Similar to Pride’s Victory 10, the Maxima electric scooter is available with a rearview mirror and safety flag, which help to ensure a safer trip on your scooter

For a bit of flair, all three electric scooters can also be decorated with a variety of military patches, featuring logos for the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy and Purple Heart.

When shopping Pride’s extensive lineup of diverse and high-quality electric scooters, you also have the option to choose from a myriad of handicapped scooter accessories that are designed to heighten the convenience and utility of your mobility product. Regardless of your individual lifestyle and activity level, Pride’s accessories will see that you travel in style and comfort.