Best Scooters for the Handicapped

In recent years, there have been some exciting developments in scooter technology! Handicap scooter brands have created innovative designs that can help you stay independent. The right scooter can make a huge difference in your life. It may:

  • Help you get around indoors, outdoors, and in businesses
  • Keep up your active, dynamic lifestyle
  • Stay on the go at work
  • Participate in activities with friends and family
  • Get outside and experience more of the world
  • Vacation in style and comfort
  • Keep everything you need at hand

So, what can our Pride Handicap Scooters do for you? Let's take a look at four of our best handicapped scooters.

Jazzy® Zero Turn

One great, general purpose option is the Jazzy® Zero Turn scooter for handicapped person. The four- wheeled scooter is set apart by its iTurn Technology®. This gives it enhanced maneuverability. You can easily navigate tight spaces around furniture or narrow supermarket shelves. It can be disassembled in a breeze for easy transport and storage. What's the Jazzy Zero Turn like to ride in? Smooth. Its CTS Suspension keeps it steady even over rough surfaces. The Jazzy Zero Turn features storage compartments on the front as well as under the seat.

Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension

Many handicap scooter brands work best in an urban environment. What if you love the great outdoors? The Go-Go® LX Pride Handicap Scooter may be your go-to mobility option. This durable model handles beautifully in rougher terrain, letting you get out to parks and enjoy the sunshine. It has CTS Suspension for a great, smooth ride no matter where your journey takes you. For another handy feature, check out its dual voltage charger. It allows you to charge your battery pack both onboard and off-board the scooter.

Victory 9.2 Mobility Scooter

For a mobility device that blends comfort, style, and function, look no farther than the Victory 9.2 scooter for handicapped people. The Victory 9.2 is great for people who take a bite out of life with long workdays or long journeys. Its high capacity battery gives it a maximum range of over 17 miles. You'll cruise along at up to a speed of 5.6 miles, saving time as you get things done! The front basket creates a chic storage solution, and you can stay hydrated on the go thanks to a built-in cup holder.

Pursuit Mobility Scooter

Are you a highly active, outdoorsy person? The Pursuit, one of our best handicap scooters, may be the right fit for your needs. That's because this model is designed with rugged terrain in mind. It offers a robust speed of up to 8 mph combined with a 4-pole motor. Along with 3.56-inch ground clearance, this adds up to one of the best handicap scooters for people who love being outside in the sun. Its low profile, 13-inch tires are specially designed to maximize outdoor performance in a wide variety of environments.

We take pride in offering the best scooters on the market!

Now that you know a little bit about the best scooters around, are you ready to buy? At Pride Mobility Products, we carry a wide range of Pride handicap scooters. These durable, advanced mobility devices can work with a wide range of needs and disabilities. To learn more about scooters for the handicapped, contact us today! Our friendly representatives will be happy to answer your questions.