Exceptional Scooters for Handicapped People

Handicapped scooters have revealed a new world of access to many people who struggle with limited mobility. Users can travel farther and faster with a handicapped scooter than they could with a walker or wheelchair. There are so many types of scooters for handicapped people that it can be hard to know where to start. If you or a loved one is in the market for a new scooter, check out our guide to four exceptional scooters for handicapped people.

Our Scooters for handicapped People Models

Raptor Handicapped Scooter

The Raptor is an exceptional scooter for handicapped­ people. The award-winning Raptor is one of the fastest scooters available, with speeds up to 14 mph. It’s extremely stylish and packed with exciting features. The Raptor includes front and rear LED lights, turn signals, a regenerative braking system, dual suspension and a lockable storage compartment. You’re sure to enjoy the limited-recline seat, height and width-adjustable armrests, and LCD console. Other features of the Raptor include:

  • Top speed: up to 14 mph
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 31 miles
  • Weight capacity: up to 400 pounds

Revo™ 2.0 Scooter for Handicapped Individuals

A great 4-wheel handicapped scooter, the Revo™ 2.0 has tons of great features, including a front basket for easy transport of everyday items. This luxury mid-sized scooter provides a comfortable ride and can handle various types of terrain thanks to its Comfort-Trac® Suspension. It's easy to take apart for transport, too. The Revo 2.0 also features an easily adjustable tiller and a USB charging port. That's right, you can charge your phone or tablet right from your scooter! Other features of the Revo include:

  • Top speed: up to 5 mph
  • Under seat storage
  • Portable with feather-touch disassembly

Go-Go® Handicapped Scooters

If you prefer lightweight or minimalist handicapped scooters, consider the Go-Go® Travel Mobility line, particularly the Go-Go ES2 Mobility Scooter. It's a stable yet lightweight scooter with a small footprint. You'll enjoy the canvas basket on the front of the scooter, perfect for use at the store. This scooter has two speed settings: high for outdoors and low for indoors. the compact vinyl seat is foldable, so your scooter takes up less room when you're not using it. Some additional features of the Go-Go ES 2 include:

  • Top speed: up to 4 mph
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 6.8 miles
  • Weight capacity: up to 250 pounds

Victory® 10.2 Scooter for Handicapped People

Of the scooters for handicapped people, the Victory 10.2 is a great choice. This scooter has it all with LED headlights, a pathway light, and an under-tiller puddle light for total visibility. The delta tiller is the ultimate in cool with its wraparound handles. The tiller also has storage and a cup holder built-in, and the screen on the tiller automatically adjusts brightness to match your environment. Best of all, the Victory 10.2 offers one-hand, feather-touch disassembly. Taking the scooter apart for storage and transport has never been easier! Some other great features include:

  • Top speed: up to 5.2 mph
  • Maximum range per charge: up to 13.5 miles
  • Weight capacity: up to 400 pounds

You may be looking to purchase a handicapped scooter for the first time, or perhaps you're contemplating upgrading your current ride. Either way, you can't go wrong with these choices. Whether the blazing-fast Raptor, the well-rounded Revo 2.0, the lightweight Go-Go ES2, or the luxurious Victory 10.2, we have the right scooter for your needs. If you're ready to increase your mobility in style, contact us today.