Why Jazzy® Power Chairs?

It’s more than an electric wheelchair. Jazzy Power Chairs are built to meet the needs of everyday people in the real world. From extremely portable power wheelchairs, to rugged models with suspension components, to bariatric power chairs, there is a Jazzy Power Chair for every person and lifestyle. Discover why the Jazzy Power Chair is America’s #1 power wheelchair.

Sophisticated - Jazzy Power Chairs, Jazzy Air 2FDA Class II Medical Device*


Our power chairs are functional and stylish. The Jazzy Air® 2 offers one-touch elevation to provide up to 12 inches of lift. This elevated power chair offers enhanced environmental access and endless social benefits. Learn more about the Jazzy Air 2. Read more about the Jazzy Air 2.

Maneuverable - Jazzy Power Chairs, Jazzy 600 ESFDA Class II Medical Device*


When looking for the best electric wheelchair, consider the maneuverability of a Jazzy motorized wheelchair which can navigate obstacles and smaller spaces. The Jazzy® 600 ES offers the tightest turning radius in the Jazzy® line. Learn more about the maneuverability of the Jazzy 600 ES.

Reliable - Jazzy Power Chairs, Jazzy Select 6 2.0FDA Class II Medical Device*


The best electric wheelchairs are built to last. Our power wheelchairs are engineered for long-lasting durability and are subjected to extensive factory testing. Read how the Jazzy EVO 613 Power Wheelchair Series delivers reliable and superior performance.

Portable - Jazzy Power Chairs, Jazzy PassportFDA Class II Medical Device*


Pride motorized wheelchairs are designed to be lightweight and easily transportable. The Go Chair® electric wheelchair disassembles into 5 pieces for maximum convenience, while the Jazzy® Passport power chair folds in just a few simple steps to make traveling a breeze. Read more about the portability of the Go Chair and the Jazzy Passport.

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