Choosing a Power Lift Chair Recliner

We're spoiled for choice as we age. All those ailments pile up and thankfully so do the products that help us cope. That said, sometimes wading through the choice can be the last thing we want to spend time on. Yet, in any purchase, it's wise to become familiar with all options the marketplace has to offer, especially when it comes to lift chair recliners. Pride hopes to take some of the mystery out of finding a lift chair recliner. Let's look at the different designs, options, and benefits of several lift chair recliners.

The Benefits of Lift Chair Recliners

A lift chair helps maintain an independent lifestyle for those who are disabled, elderly and recovering from surgery. For the elderly and those suffering from degenerative conditions, everyday tasks like walking, sitting, and standing can become difficult. Most lift recliner chairs use buttons and a remote control to lift an individual from a sitting to a standing position, or to help guide an individual to slowly sit down and recline into their chair. The stand assist feature relieves strain and makes getting up and down a whole lot easier for many individuals who may lack the strength, balance or coordination to safely get into and out of a recliner.

VivaLift!® Brand of Lift Recliner Chairs

If you’ve seen lift chair recliner reviews online, then you’ve definitely heard of the Vivalift!® brand, which offers an array of collections, fabrics and colors. Let’s examine three of VivaLift’s most exceptional lift chair recliner collections and their varying features.

The Atlas Collection is known for its ability to promote comfort and relaxation while being fully customizable. These lift chair recliners come with a hand remote with soft-touch buttons that adjust each chair function independently. The armrests come with handy cup holders. An array of fabric choices with contrast stitching means that the chair is ready for any living room.

Vivalift!® also offers its luxurious Legacy Collection, known for its serenity. Sit in a Legacy lift recliner chair, put your feet up and stretch out on the convenient footrest. The chair's wide array of position functions means anyone can find comfort and support in a Legacy recliner. Side storage pockets are big enough for books as well as television remotes.

The Sierra Collection by Vivalift!® provides lasting comfort with infinite, lay-flat positioning. Adjust independent functions on these lift recliner chairs using the remote control and finetune the footrest extension and power headrest for precise positioning.

Those looking for a truly elegant and sophisticated recliner need to look no further than the VivaLift!® Elegance Collection of power recliners. Each lift chair recliner in the Elegance Collection comes in a soft fabric design with contrast stitching. You can find a color to match any decor.

Regardless of the collection you choose, all VivaLift! models of lift recliner chairs include the following features: