Find the Right Power Lift Recliners for You

Using power lift recliners can improve your life if you struggle rising from a sitting position. People sometimes struggle to rise from a chair—it can be exhausting and standing up too quickly can even cause dizziness. One solution to that problem is to get a power lift recliner. Recliners with power lifts make standing easier and safer and many of them come with optional features such as heat and massage. At Pride, there are several different models to choose from.

VivaLift® Legacy Luxury Power Lift Recliner

This power lift recliner from the VivaLift! Legacy Collection is very comfortable. The user can put their feet up on the footrest extension and rest their tired legs. There are also wide storage pockets to ensure you always know where your book, television remote, or remote for the chair is. This model also comes with a power headrest, power lumbar, and three colors in Saville fabric—Brown, Grey, and Wine.

Escape Lift Power Recliner

When reading power lift recliner reviews, you are sure to hear about the Infinity luxury lift power recliner. This power lift recliner is made from laminate and hardwood to give it more strength and durability. There is a lumbar pillow, and pocketed coils that give the user individualized support and to allow more relaxation. There is also optional heat and massage, and if you choose not to add heat and massage, there is a USB charger port. This luxury lift power recliner is one of many power lift recliners with heat and massage as an option.

This chair with a recliner power lift also comes with head and arm covers, large pockets, and back that is easy to take off to adjust the filling of the chair as needed for your comfort level. This chair with a recliner power lift also comes in Durasoft fabric with your choice of colors including Deep Sky, Ember, and Oat. There are also other optional fabrics and colors. You shouldn’t have a problem finding the color and fabric that will suit your taste and style. You deserve to place one of the best power lift recliner models in your home.

Heritage Power Lift Recliners

In your search for recliners with power lifts, consider the Heritage Collection. These power lift recliners have a wooden frame made from furniture-grade laminate/hardwood to ensure long-lasting durability. The lift system is smooth and quiet to make standing simple and unobtrusive to guests. There are large dual pockets for storage, as well as standard head and arm covers. This chair also comes with optional heat and massage.

The lift in this chair is especially heavy-duty. There is a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame and the chair comes with a 7-year prorated warranty. There are many fabric and color options, ranging from Cloud 9 Black Cherry and Stone colors to Crypton Aria® fabrics with Espresso and Sand colors.

Oasis Recliner Power Lift

The Oasis Collection offers lift power recliners made from laminate/hardwood to ensure that it will last year after year. The recliner power lift is heavy-duty, as is the scissor mechanism. The lift system in Oasis lift power recliners is also quiet and smooth. The Oasis is one of the best power lift recliner models available with standard head and arm covers and large dual pockets. The seat is also extra comfortable as it has contoured memory foam seating and pocketed coils for unique support that conforms to you and your needs.

To find power lift recliners near me, you can visit Pride’s website and check out power lift recliner reviews to find out how these chairs have made other people’s lives easier and more enjoyable.