Senior Lift Chairs from Pride

Getting old is inevitable and the ability to stand up becomes difficult for many seniors. This is why senior lift chairs are handy to help elderly individuals get into the standing position and reduce discomfort and regain their independence. Of course, every senior has their individual age-related conditions that will make them need a senior lift chair, in which there are different models to accommodate them.  The likes of arthritis, degenerative bone disease, and other conditions are quite common in seniors and reduce their quality of life with chronic pain. Going from the sitting position to standing from a regular chain puts a lot of stress in multiple joints, which only makes symptoms worse. Thankfully, Pride has the answer. Choose from these great senior lift chairs to find the perfect match to suit your needs.

Lift chairs for complete comfort

If you need a senior lift chair recliner with fabulous comfort, consider the Heritage Collection. These senior life chairs deliver adjustable positioning. With Total Comfort Seating, the spring-backed foam seat gives complete stability and relaxation. Composed of a specially engineered hardwood/laminate frame, the Heritage senior lift chair has the strength and durability needed for long-term use. With a built-in USB charger port, you may keep your phone or other device fully charged.

A lift chair for better support

If you need a senior lift chair with pocketed coil springs for added support, a power lift recliner from the Oasis Collection may be just what you need. With the overstuffed biscuit back design, the chair provides greater comfort and an elegant look. The weight capacity of this chair goes up to 375 pounds, reclines into 3 positions, and has a hardwood/laminate structure that is long-lasting. Standard head and arm covers help maintain the look of your lift chair. Plus, certain models in the Heritage Collection are available with optional heat and massage, allowing you to soothe those tired and aching muscles. With the quad-pocket design, this chair may be used to store lots of accessories that are easily accessible.

Senior lift chairs for shorter heights

For those needing a recliner supporting heights below 5'3", chairs from the Infinity Collection senior lift chair recliners are a perfect fit. With a furniture-grade laminate/hardwood frame and a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds, this chair is designed for long-term durability. In addition to helping you get up, it supports multiple recline positions like the true-infinite, zero gravity, and Trendelenburg positions. With the lumbar pillow and pocketed coil seating, the user will be in complete comfort. With a built-in battery backup, the user will feel safe in this senior life chair recliner in the event of power failure and will be able to operate the chair to lift them to safety.

Senior lift chairs that are physically alluring

Finding a senior lift chair recliner with both superior aesthetics and innovative functionality is now possible with the VivaLift!® Elegance Collection Recliners. You will see the quality of this chair with pleasing fabrics that are soft to the touch. Choose your favorite position from the upward lift, lay-flat, relaxed, and reclined positions. With the spring-loaded Total Comfort Seating and a weight capacity of up to 375 pounds, this chair will provide full support the user needs. An extended footrest is also built in for ample leg and foot room. For extra convenience and safety, the chair has lithium battery backup in case of power failure.