Mobile Chairs for Disabled Individuals

There are many different mobile chairs for disabled individuals that can be purchased. Mobile chairs are also known as power chairs and come in many different types. Depending on the needs of the individual and how he or she plans to use the mobile chair disabled patients can find a power chair that will provide comfort and maneuverability and help them regain their independence.

Travel Mobile Chairs

Mobility issues shouldn’t prevent those who want to travel the world. With travel mobile chairs, it’s much easier to bring the chair with you on every adventure. Travel wheelchairs are designed to be portable and lightweight. The Jazzy® Passport chair makes traveling easier with its compact design. It has a backseat pocket for extra storage while on the go. The large foot platform and specialty foam seat provide complete comfort. If the Jazzy Passport doesn’t sound like a good fit for you, consider another travel mobile chair. The Go Chair® is also lightweight and easily disassembles into five pieces, with the heaviest piece being only 36 pounds. It has under seat storage for personal items. The five-point swivel seat comes with a latch release. With the Go Chair mobile chair disabled people can experience a compact turning radius of only 25.4 inches, which is perfect for traveling in tighter areas, such as aboard a cruise ship. Choose from six gorgeous colors and experience the mobile chair that is #1 for portability.

Heavy Duty Mobile Chairs

Heavy duty power wheelchairs are designed for superior performance that lasts. Depending on whether you need more indoor maneuverability or want to go across uneven surfaces outdoors, there are different types of mobile chairs for disabled individuals to use. The Jazzy® Elite HD offers heavy duty construction with a weight capacity of up to 450 pounds. It’s also designed for indoor maneuvering. The 14-inch knobby tires help provide the right weight distribution and superior traction. The larger foot platform offers comfort to the user. The Jazzy® 614 HD provides superb maneuverability and comes in a stylish and powerful package. This chair features dual enhanced in-line motors for better efficiency, range, performance, and torque. The independent drive wheel suspension will allow each drive wheel to be independently supported, which will help reduce the vibrations when driving across uneven surfaces. Learn more about heavy duty mobile chairs.

Elevating Mobile Chairs

Elevating mobile chairs are helpful for those with mobility issues and who also want more access to their environment. These chairs can elevate the user in just a few seconds. For example, Pride’s Jazzy Air® elevates 10 inches in 16 seconds and allows you to safely drive at speeds up to 3.5 mph. You can even elevate or lower while on the move to provide access to cabinets, tables, and shelving. The wheelchair drives up to 18.4 miles on a single charge, so you can drive longer and farther. The suspension on this mobile chair provides for a smooth ride both outdoors and indoors.

The Jazzy Air also offers social benefits as well. Users can enjoy face-to-face conversations and interactions with friends and family members. Eating out at a restaurant with high-top tables is much more enjoyable with the Jazzy Air’s elevation

Once you research the right options for mobile chairs disabled individuals can take that first step to regain his or her independence.