Motorized Chairs that Provide Mobility

Motorized chairs can allow those with mobility issues to safely get around. Motorized wheelchairs can give people more independence and allow them to enjoy activities they once enjoyed, such as shopping at their favorite stores or visiting friends and family. There are different types of chairs to consider based on terrain use and if you need it for traveling.  

Front Wheel Drive Motorized Chairs

The Jazzy® Elite ES Motorized Chair uses front wheel technology to provide for better indoor maneuverability in smaller spaces and around tight corners, but it has large front wheels. The wheels allow for extra absorption over any obstacles. The chair comes equipped with super climbing capabilities and front anti-tip wheels to make the transition over grades easier, and the wheelchair handles various terrains without any problems. This is the perfect wheelchair for someone who is going to be on the go and needs to handle a variety of terrains. It comes with a comfort high back seat with headrest, as well as a controller guard to protect for any daily wear and tear. The non-marking tires make it great for use indoors and the simple frame design helps with ease of service.

Motorized Chairs with a High Weight Capacity  

The Jazzy® 614 HD Motorized Wheelchair offers a 450-lb. weight capacity and has patented suspension technology that gives a top performance and maneuverability. The independent front casters will rise and lower as needed, to compensate immediately for any changes in terrain to make transitions easier. This is the perfect motorized chair for those who travel outside more and need something to power different terrains. The independent drive wheel suspension will allow for each wheel to be independent supported, which reduces vibrations and makes for a more comfortable ride. It works for even slopes and inclines for an all-round heavy-duty motorized chair. There is an adjustable foot platform for comfort and the option for extended seat sizes.

The Most Portable Motorized Chair

Compared to other motorized chairs on the market, the Jazzy® Passport Electric Wheelchair is a compact motorized chair that folds easily to allow for convenient storage and still has ample foot room. The lightweight design is great for those who are going to be folding up their wheelchair often for traveling. There is a back-seat pocket that allows for extra storage while on the go. This motorized chair can fold in just a few simple steps, unlike some other cumbersome chairs. There are some other important features for comfort that include a large foot platform and a specialty foam seat. There is plenty of storage underneath the seat as well, making it easy for those who live an on-the-go lifestyle. A convenient cup holder will allow users to keep a drink close by.

How to Purchase Motorized Chairs

It’s easy to purchase a motorized chair! Once you find the wheelchair that suits your needs, visit the website at and use the "Where to Buy button in the upper right- hand corner. You can enter the zip code and search. You will then find a list of mobility product providers near the zip code. The search results will show the name, address, and phone number, as well as any product lines that are offered. You can also buy a motorized chair online if there aren’t any providers in your area by clicking the “Buy Online Now” button. If you are going to be using Medicare or Medicaid to pay for your motorized chair, then it’s recommended that you confirm the provider accepts it. There are certain requirements for motorized chairs to be covered by Medicare. Private insurance may cover the cost as well.