Your Guide to Mobility Scooters

At Pride Mobility we have many mobility scooter models to choose from. Our scooters are divided into the following categories: travel scooters, medical mobility scooters, 4-wheel mobility scooters, and scooter wheelchairs. Click the links below to learn more about the specific models available in each category.

Travel Scooters

Travel mobility scooters give easier access to a more active lifestyle. Travel scooters are easier to transport or disassemble than other mobility scooters, and they offer the features folks want when they’re on the go. Users can choose from both 3- and 4-wheel models, including the 4-wheel Jazzy® Zero Turn with iTurn Technology®. Some travel scooters come with storage, and many models are available with full LED lighting packages—crucial for users who like to operate outdoors after dark.

Medical Mobility Scooters

Medical mobility scooters may be the solution for whose mobility is impaired by injury or illness and who qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. Those who may qualify for Medicaid due to income limitations should check with Medicaid reps in their area. Those who qualify for Medicare (by being 65 or older or having certain disabilities) should talk to their doctor about whether a scooter is a right choice for them.

4-Wheel Mobility Scooters

Why choose a mobility scooter with four wheels instead of one with three wheels? The biggest reason is stability. 4-wheel scooters are more stable than their 3-wheel counterparts due to the extra point of contact with the ground. This stability is most useful for folks who like to drive their scooters over varied terrain, especially outside. 4-wheel scooters also offer a smoother ride. Weight is more evenly distributed over four wheels than over three wheels, which means a smoother ride.

Scooter Wheelchairs

You might hear people using the terms “scooter” and “power wheelchair” interchangeably, yet this is incorrect. Power wheelchairs are a whole separate class of mobility devices. They are closer in function to wheelchairs than they are to scooters. Power wheelchairs generally have six wheels rather than three or four wheels. As opposed to mobility scooters, power wheelchairs have large drive wheels and casters for stability. They also have a fold-up foot platform. Learn more about the differences between scooter wheelchairs.