Durable, High-Performing Motorized Scooters

Long gone are the days when choices between motorized scooters were few and limiting. Now, when looking at motorized scooters for sale for you or your loved one, you have access to a wide range of options with varying features that suit different needs and preferences.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for durability or optimal performance for other amenities that make your travels more comfortable. If you are in the market for a motorized scooter, here are four diverse models to consider:

Pursuit® Motorized Scooters

The Pride® Pursuit® Motorized Scooter is designed for people who enjoy an active lifestyle and have no intention of slowing down. The scooter drives up to 8 miles per hour and combines power and torque with low-profile solid tires for an optimal outdoor experience. The Pursuit four-wheel scooter comes in stunning Silver or sharp Candy Apple Red, giving the body a luxurious appearance along with quality performance. Also featuring a full lighting package and deluxe reclining high-back seat with a headrest and sliders. Among motorized scooters for sale, the Pride Pursuit is ideal for the adventurous soul.

Victory® 10.2 Motorized Scooters for Sale

The Victory® 10.2 Motorized Scooter is also suitable for those who are extremely active and lets you travel in both style and comfort. Regardless of the environment where you are driving, the Victory’s new frosted LED headlights and low-mounted LED pathway light will brighten your route. You also have access to a wide range of extra features: a USB charger port in the tiller; integrated storage and cup holder; and stylish, non-scuffing tires. The Victory scooter, which has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, offers optional seating sizes and is available in Candy Apple Red and Ocean Blue.

The Thrill of the Raptor Motorized Scooter

With the silver Raptor Electric Scooter, you don’t just drive, you fly! Featuring a sleek yet solid design, this high-performance model provides enhances stability while letting you travel to speeds up to 14 miles per hour. Don’t worry, though: The scooter also has advanced safety features, including a hand brake with a regenerative braking system and a full LED lighting package with front and rear lights and directional signals. Along with being Pride’s fastest scooter to date, the Raptor also can drive longer and farther—up to 31 miles per charge and across varied terrain. You also can take valuables and other items with you wherever you go, thanks to a front storage compartment on the tiller and secure, lockable storage compartment under the seat.

Maximum Performance and Durability

Heavy-duty, exceptional value, and high performance are just three of the terms that describe Pride’s Maxima Motorized Scooter. This model includes an ultra-heavy-duty drivetrain and an easily adjustable tiller. The large, deep seat has been redesigned for improved comfort. Available in Candy Apple Red or Viper Blue, the Maxima’s engineering and ergonomically enhanced design is tailored toward the bariatric market. The scooter has a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds and can travel speeds up to 5.3 miles per hour. You also can enjoy a user-friendly console, standard front basket, and durable front and rear bumpers.

The Style for You

No matter what features or overall style you prefer, Pride’s diverse lineup of motorized scooters for sale are sure to satisfy your unique needs. Whether you are in the market for you or a loved one, you can have style, performance, and comfort no matter which model you choose.