Pride's Big & Tall Power Lift Chairs

Home Decor Lift Chair

The NM-435LT Home Decor Lift Chair is one of the best big & tall power lift chairs available. This big & tall power lift chair sports a number of features and benefits that can make your day relaxing, comfortable and incredibly enjoyable.


This chair offers three different reclining positions. This means that whether you are reclining for an awesome nap or sitting up to watch the big game, it's got you covered!

Speaking of reclining, this chair features a hand control that is very easy to use and lets you adjust your position at the touch of a button. And the control has a USB charging port, meaning your tablet or cell phone can be charged while you read or watch television in this lift chair.

Finally, this chair has convenient side pockets as well as a comfortable footrest. That makes it easy to store important items like your favorite book, magazine or newspaper while you enjoy putting your feet up.


This chair sports a powerful lift system that can help you go from being fully reclined to standing up. And the lift system is very quiet, too, so you'll enjoy added mobility without waking up the house.

This lift chair is made from furniture-grade laminate/hardwood for added strength. Bottom line? This is one of the sturdiest pieces of furniture you will ever encounter.

Finally, this chair has an integrated battery backup. That means your big & tall lift chair remains operational, even in the event of a power loss.

The Key to an Independent Life

This big & tall power lift chair does much more than help you recline. With the smooth and powerful lifting system, you'll be able to stand up more easily than you have in years. Experience the freedom of a more independent life with this lift chair today!

Heritage Lift Chair

The LC-358XXL Heritage Lift Chair is one of the most advanced extra-large power lift chairs on the market. This chair is packed with powerful features and benefits that add up to an extremely comfortable and relaxing experience.


Among its other great features, this extra-large power lift chair is fire retardant for greater safety.

The chair has much in the way of added convenience. This includes a USB-charging hand control as well as convenient and large pockets on each side. You’ll never misplace your tablet or television remote again with these handy dual pockets.

Finally, this chair offers the power you need with a lift system that is both strong and quiet. Get to your feet quickly without the extra noise.


Unlike other extra-large power lift chairs on the market today, this power lift chair is reliable and engineered to last. It comes with a seven-year prorated warranty on the entire chair. Meanwhile, the steel frame is backed up by a lifetime warranty.

Finally, this lift chair includes an integrated battery backup in case of a power failure and a transformer with a self-diagnostic feature built right in.

Regaining an Independent Lifestyle

This extra-large power lift chair is great for adding comfort and convenience to your life. More importantly, though, they can help you stand up more easily and regain the independence you once had. This chair is a fabulous investment, so why wait? Enjoy greater freedom with this extra large power lift chair today!