The Best Small Power Lift Chairs for You

Power lift recliners are not made in just one size. They come in varying widths and heights. This helps to ensure that there is a chair that fits into any available space you have and that fits your body type. If you have a smaller body frame and/or a small space in your home, you may be looking for small or petite power lift chairs. Here are two versions of small power lift chairs that you may be interested in, and the features each has to offer.

The Benefits of Power Lift Recliners

After a long day, everyone wants to sit down for a bit and relax. You may want to sit and watch some television, read a book or magazine, do crossword puzzles or cuddle up with your dog or cat. No matter how you want to relax, a recliner can be the perfect spot to sit in. Unfortunately, those who have a disability or limited mobility can have trouble getting out of the chair when they are done relaxing. Most recliners require you to shift your weight in order to stand. A power lift recliner has motors in it that lift the chair into an upward position, allowing you to easily get on your feet, regardless of what your mobility limitations may be. This ensures that everyone can sit and relax in a recliner, without having to worry about how they will get out of the chair when they are finished.

Important Features of the Infinity Collection

One of the power lift chairs that features both small and petite power lift chairs is the Infinity Collection. The Infinity Collection features recliners that are available with Durasoft fabric and offers optional Lexis Sta-Kleen®, Ultraleather™ and Crypton Aria® fabrics. No matter your taste, there is a fabric and color to fit the style and aesthetic of your home. The chair itself is made from both furniture-grade laminate and hardwood to help ensure the chair is strong and durable. It has pocketed coils to evenly distribute your weight and ensure you are comfortable. The chair has an industry-first hand control with USB charger port, allowing you to charge your phone or electronic devices right from your chair. The recliner also features standard lumbar pillows, head and arm covers and dual pockets.

Important Features of the Heritage Collection

The other power lift chair that features both petite and small power lift chairs is the Heritage Collection. The Heritage Collection is available in Cloud 9 fabric and offers optional Lexis Sta-Kleen®, Ultraleather™ and Crypton Aria® fabrics. The chair also features a wooden frame composed of engineered furniture grade laminate and hardwood for added strength and durability and standard lumbar pillows, head and arm covers and dual pockets. What sets this chair apart from others is its Total Comfort Seating, which features a unique spring design and one-piece soft foam seat. This helps to increase comfort. The chair also features a smooth and quiet lift feature. And the chair has a lifetime warranty on the steel lift frame.

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