cup holder

Cup Holder

Are you getting enough water every day? Staying hydrated is important for your health. Remembering to grab water throughout the day can be a nuisance. Carrying it with you in one hand isn’t always convenient or even an option when you’re out and about and need both hands to drive your scooter. There is no need to sacrifice your health for your safety. You can still carry a bottle of water with you, or any beverage for that matter, as you cruise around. Mobility scooter cup holders do the lifting for you anywhere you go, allowing you to keep both hands on your scooter tiller. The Pride Mobility scooter cup holder attaches right to your electric scooter, giving you the space you need to drive. Forgetting to stay hydrated is difficult when your bottle of water is within arm’s reach. If you love getting away, a scooter cup holder is a great accessory to have when traveling.

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